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Was Hitler a narcissistic obsessive or both?

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Hitler was a psychopath.

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What are the comparisons of Hitler and Zedong?

Adolf Hitler and Chairman Mao were both ruthless dictators who were responsible for millions of deaths, and in addition, both created what is known as a "cult of personality" by which they took on an obsessive or god-like role within their nations. Hitler was the fuhrer, and Mao was the "great helmsman". Both succeeded in convincing their foolish followers that they had magnificent and unparalleled leadership ability and wisdom, when the reality was that both brought ruin to their countries.

What is a good mental illness for the grandma in Flowers in the Attic?

The grandmother in Flowers in the Attic was narcissistic and possibly had obsessive compulsive disorder, and a severe personality disorder.

What is the difference between obsessive compulsive personality disorder and narcissitic personality disorder?

Both are personality disorders so they are subcategories and therefore related. They are in different clusters (cluster B for narcissistic PD and cluster C for OCPD) but both can cause interpersonal difficulties. Narcissistic personality disorder involves a grandiose view of self and self-centeredness, often due to low-self esteem. They are highly sensitive to criticism and other narcissistic injuries. People with OCPD tend to be perfectionists who require high levels of rules, regulation, and order. They have a strong desire for control.

Was Adolf Hitler a narcissist?

yes he had a npd, including narcissistic rage, malignant, avoidant, and schizoid features

Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler were both-?

Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler were both Communists.

Joseph stalin and adolf hitler were both in favor of what?

Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler were both in favor of what?

What do YOU know about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

I know that it's annoying to have both OCD and ADHD

Would the Holocaust have happened without Hitler?

Probably not. It was Hitler who made obsessive Jew-baiting absolutely central to his policies and who encouraged the terror lobby run by Himmler. But Hitler wasn't the only reason for the hatred of Jews, as they have been hated for a long time in history.

Is a narcissistic personality created by the parents of the narcissist?

Unknown. Strong evidence its genetic and nurturing... both.

Is it possible to have both narcissistic personality disorder and schizophrenia?

Yes, in my opinion, narcissism is a type of schizophrenia.

What is the opposite of narcissistic?

Modest is the usual opposite of narcissistic.

Can Prozac help obsessive thoughts?

It can cause obsessive thoughts an dit can help alleviate obsessive thoughts.

Who was the most violent Hitler or Stalin?

Stalin and Hitler were both equally violent.

Are most narcissists unaware of their sexual orientation ...as in do they prefer men or women or both?

No, narcissism has absolutely no connection to sexual orientation. gay people may be narcissistic and straight people may be narcissistic.

Used the word narcissistic in a sentence?

Type your answer here... Narcissistic

What is narcissistic identification?

explain what the word narcissistic means to child.

What is a narcissistic wind?

i am trying to find out what narcissistic winds mean?

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