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Hitler was an Austrian, and austrians are ethnical Germans, so yes he was pure German

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Was Hitler prejudiced against Blacks?

Yes, Hitler hated anyone who wasn't an Aryan or a Pure German.

What group did Hitler not try to eliminate?

"Hitler didn't try to kill "Aryans" and anyone who is an "Pure German."

Why was Hitler only saving pure German people when he was a Jew to?

Hitler was not Jewish, it is beleived he had Jewish blood in his family tree but Hitler struck that from public record..

Why did Hitler expel Jews from Germany?

Hitler believed Jews are sub humans, they steal German business and jobs also he believed they are trying to poison pure German Aryan blood.

What did Hitler believe the pure German race could do?

he thought he would have an army to rule the world

How did Hitler want Europe to look like?

Hitler wanted Europe to be a whole German Empire with him as the leader. He wanted more of what he called Labensram (living space) for germany hence why he invaded Poland, checzsolvakia ect. Hitler wanted a pure aryan race prefable blond haired and blue eyed but the main aspect was to have pure german blood or pure blood from the nation your from. He wanted to get rid of jews, gypsyes, homosexuals, political opositin, criminals, negros and Jehovnahs witnesses. Hitler wanted and pure german empire run be him and everybody to look up to him.

Who did Hitler think were pure?

The Aryan race were considered by Hitler to be pure.

What languages were spoken by Adolf Hitler?

Hitler spoke the German language.GermanHitler spoke German.

What is pure in German?

"Rein" is the German word for "pure".

Did Hitler create the German Shepherd?

No, Hitler didn't create German shepherd dogs, they existed long before Hitler was around, but Hitler did own German shepherds.

Why German vote for Hitler?

Because they wanted to have Adolf Hitler had a leader for German

Who was Hitler the dictator for?

Hitler was the German dictator.

Do German love Hitler?

of course, every single German loves Hitler! xD

Why did most German Catholics support Hitler?

Most German Catholics did not support Hitler.

Would Adolf Hitler exterminated the blacks in the Concentration Camps during the Holocaust?

Hell Yes, Hitler killed anyone who wasn't a pure German. aka Aryan. Hitler wouldn't kill them himself, He would send them to the Concentration Camps.

Why did Hitler hated Jews and wanted to get rid of them?

Hitler basically hated the Jews because they were the largest non-German ethnic minority in Central Europe at that time. Hitler wanted a pure Germany (and Europe) without any "parasites". -J.A.R.

Did Hitler believe in aryan are a master race?

Yes, Hitler believed that the Aryan race, who he believed to be pure German people, were the master race. The Aryan race was to be tall, slim, blond and blue-eyed.

Was adlof Hitler German?

Yes he was German

What is Adolf Hitler famous for?

Adolf Hitler lived from 1889 - 1945. He is one of the worlds most dangerous people. He killed many Jews, He also wanted Pure German, Blonde hair, and blue eyes to be the race. He thought anyone who wasn't pure German was low and filthy. Hitler took over Germany, and became the chancellor of Germany. Hitler was Jewish somewhere in his past, but he wanted to kill all Jews. Hitler was responsible for starting WWII. He was also famous for being the leader of the Nazi party. Thanks for letting me help and i hope this helped you

Is Hitler Jewish or German?

Neither. Hitler was Austrian.

What drove Hitler?

Pure patriotism.

Three leaders fall in 1965?

German code name for Hitler German code name for Hitler

What was the reason or hitlers hatred against Jews and people who were different from him?

It was all Anti semitism and non Aryan Hitler wanted a pure aryan race of people who are loyal Nazi germans, If you was a Jew or a Anti nazi and a Non german then your a enemy to the german state and hitler wanted you killed

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