Was Hitler an evil genius?

He was evil and crafty, but not a genius.
Geniuses don't fight three front wars or invade Russia late in the year without cold weather gear.
In terms of IQ, Hitler was, in fact, a genius. Most historians believe his Iq to be around 145. {this is not substantiated by documented history, see rebuttals below}

Rebuttal: [Most historians? There is no reference anywhere to Hitler ever having taken an IQ test].

Rebuttal: What is stated above is pure speculation. A genius wouldn't have needed to steal other people's idea's, since Hitler did take credit for others work and idea's it proves that he didn't have the IQ that would make one a genius. He was evil no doubt about that but a genius NO!

Adolf Hitler never took an IQ test in his life. There are no credible academic sources claiming that he did. During the Nuremberg Trails several Nazi officers took a crude IQ test and none of them scored as high as 145, therefor it is highly unlikely that Hitler (with a high school education and former rank of corporal in the German military) would have been any more intelligent than his officers.

His literary accomplishments amount to one finished book, an unfinished manuscript, and several documents that were dictated before he committed suicide. None of this work is recognized as being particularly creative or having advanced human understanding.

Just to provide a little context...
Hitler was an illegitimate child who felt cheated out of a university education by the implicit social caste system in Germany (he stated this in his book). This instilled in him resentment and hatred. As a child he was described by many family members and close friends as "unstable". He was heavily addicted to
Methamphetamine. All of these factors strongly suggest that Hitler was mentally ill. While we can safely say he was of terrible moral character, we should probably look at his more coherent inner circle when we begin to truly assign the word "evil" to the Nazis. Hitler was a propaganda tool of lesser seen puppet masters.