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Was Hitler to blame for the start of the World War 2?


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June 30, 2009 3:54PM

of course not necessarily! there are many different views one can take on this subject. Hitler was a very big part of the second world war, but also you must put into perspective the problems in Germany at the time, the treaty of Versailles and appeasement. some can argue that Hitler was simply in the right place at the right time, because the German people needed a strong leader and were prepared to vote for an extremist if they needed. Germany was in a state of depression - after the treaty of Versailles they'd had to pay the allies 32bn in reparations, and then went into hyperinflation. here, the support for the Nazis grew. as the value for money decreased, Hitler became more popular over the other parties because they wanted someone who could help. you could say if Hitler hadn't come, they would have resorted to another extreme government, or actions. however, it is true that Hitler wanted war from the start and was a very violent man. he had grew up to hate, and this just made his drive stronger when the treaty of Versailles disgraced him and his people. his policies were unfair - he demanded 'living space' from the surrounding countries, and forced German entry into these countries. this was pushing the allies until they finally broke ('the trigger') when he invaded Poland they then had to retaliate - it seemed just what Hitler had been waiting for.