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Was Ho Chi Minh a communist?


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Yes, he led the communist movement in Vietnam.


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Ho Chi Minh had a Communist government.

Ho Chi Minh was a communist revolutionary who fought for the independence of Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh (1890.05.19 - 1969.09.2) supported the Communist government in North Vietnam .

Ho Chi Minh was educated at the Sorbonne in Paris. As a dedicated communist he joined the french communist party.

Ho Chi Minh was the communist leader of North Vietnam from the end of World War II until his death in 1969.

Viet Minh no it is not Viet Minh it is Ho Chi Minh

See: Biography on Ho Chi Minh.

Ho Chi Minh was the name of this leader. (And the name Ho Chi Minh is neither imflammatory nor offensive.)

Ho Chi Minh was the communist guerrilla leader of the Vietminh league against France. When the French were defeated, Ho became president.

Ho Chi Minh was the leader of the communist revolution against French colonialism in Vietnam. He was also the first President of North Vietnam.

he was the dictator of Communist North Vietnam

it was actually ho chi minh herself

Ho Chi Minh does nothing. He died in 1969

Ho Chi Minh was the main leader of the communist forces.

Ho Chi Minh helped the US and allies during WWII against the Japanese who were occupying Indo-China. When Japan left, France returned, and Ho Chi Minh led the Communist Vietnamese forces against the French forces. When France left, the US entered the country, and Ho Chi Minh fought the US.

Ho Chi Minh. However, the Republic of South Vietnam does not exist anymore. Saigon was renamed Ho Chi Minh City in honor of Ho Chi Minh, who was considered hero to the communist government during Operation Ho Chi Minh, a successful attempt to capture Saigon and force the Republic of South Vietnam government to surrender. Referred as Saigon to foreigners but Ho Chi Minh to local people.

Ho Chi Minh was a Communist. Even if France had not been a US Ally, the US had a vested interest in containing the spread of Communism.

Ho Chi Minh (referred to as "Uncle Ho" by US GI's in country).

Ho Chi Minh is located on the continent of Asia.

The population of Ho Chi Minh City is 7,396,446.

Ho Chi Minh City was created in 1976.

If you mean the city of Ho Chi Minh, it's in Vietnam. If you mean the ruler Ho Chi Minh, he was born in Vietnam and he died in Vietnam.

Reuniting South & North Vietnam into ONE Communist Nation.

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