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yes, he made the principia, and he is one of the most important contributors to our understanding of how the universe works.

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Q: Was Isaac Newton a very productive scientist?
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Was Sir Isaac Newton a very productive scientist?


Was Issac newton a very productive scientist?

Yes he was.

Did Isaac Newton hah kids?

No isssac newton did not hah kids. He was a very popular scientist.

What did Isaac Newton fear?

Sir Issac Newton was a very good scientist But he feared criticism

Who is lawrence isaac newton james?

he was a very famous scientist who invented the 3 laws of motion

What is history of Isaac newton?

The history of Isaac Newton began on January 4th in 1643 when he was born. He went on to become a very famous scientist and mathematician. His work is still studied today.

Who did Isaac Newton hate?

Isaac Newton hated his stepfather very much.

What was Isaac Newton's contribution to mathematics and its example?

isaac newton is very smart, and loves math.

Describe Sir Isaac Newton's adult life?

He was very smart and he grew up to be a mad scientist he was insane but one of the smartest people. He mainly invented the 3 laws of newton which where very famous

What did Isaac Newton teach us?

Isaac Newton was a very important scientist in history contributing to theories such as the Law of Gravity. One important link to his discovers was he felt science and religion were linked together by science proving belief in his God.

Who is Newton and what did he do?

a scientist and he made newton balls Honestly. Isaac Newton discovered gravity and his genius rate is about 120, very high. When an apple fell on his head, he worked it all out. And then he became facsinated in science.

How famous is Isaac Newton today?


Was Isaac Newton gifted?

Yes! He was very gifted indeed. Isaac Newton was gifted with smarts and is was probably the greatest mind of his time.

What scientist was famous for developing he principals of gravitation?

I think it was Isaac Newton because he formulated laws of gravitation. i just don't understand the question very well.

Sir Isaac Newton who was he?

a very nice man

What was sir Isaac newton like as a baby?

sir Isak newton as a baby he was very grumpy and he was very smart at that age to .

Why were units of force named after sir isaac newton?

newton was a very popular politician at the time

What was Isaac Newton training?

newtons training was very good

How did isaac newton discover how a rainbow is made?

very carefuly

Did Isaac Newton work with other scientists?

chalabulabulabulubala was a very bad enemy of isaac newton they both had expieriment races but eventualy chulabulabulubala won all of them.

What was Isaac newton problems that he had to overcome?

Isaac Newton was born very premature and was not expected to survive. His pgysical and mental health were issues in his life from the moment he was born.

What was Isaac Newton like as a person?

According to historians, Isaac Newton was not a very talkative or personable person. He was actually very introverted and more so interested in studying and learning than talking with others.

Was Isaac Newton the cleverest person to ever live?

Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein, and Isaac Newton were all very intelligent men.

Who made the Newton law?

It was Isaac Newton, hence the name for the laws. He was called by most physicists the father of physics, but besides a scientist he was a very religious man, he studied the bible trying to find a dooms day date.

Sir Isaac Newton's personality?

he was very creative and loved to experiment.