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Yes, Japan was for about 50 years an imperialist power.

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Q: Was Japan an imperialist power
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Japan became an imperialist power by gaining control of?


Who was the main Asian imperialist power around the turn of the twentieth century?


How did Japan become an imperialist nation?

Japan became an imperialist nation by gaining control of Korea.

What were not imperialist powers in the late 1800's japan spain china or US?

USA was never an imperial power.

Was Japan imperialist?

Yes, rite after they were imperiled by Europe.

What European nation was the imperialist power in Chad?

Chad was a colony of FRANCE during the Imperialist Period.

What country did Japan become a imperialist power over?

i think parts of Russia, china, Korea , midway island and a pile of little islands in the pacific

How did opening Japan to trade with the West aid Japan in its own imperialist ambitions?

Japan at the time of its opening had no imperialist ambitions. The purpose of opening japan was to use its ports as coaling stations, prevent the maltreatment of us/european sailors shipwrecked there and eventually develop it as a market. It was initially a victim of the imperialist designs of other nations (though this changed over time).

How did the Imperialist country take over Hawaii?

with power

How did Japan change under the Meiji?

Japan became more modern.Japan became more western.Japan became more imperialist.

The purpose of Japan's imperialist policy in the early 1900s was to?

strengthen Japan's economy through obtaining additional natural resources.

What was something the imperialist power sought in southeast Asia?


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