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No, Joshua was not a prophet.

The prophet's (in order of proclamation) are:

1) Abraham - religion unknown

2)Krishna - Hinduism

3)Budda - Buddhism

4)Zoroaster - Zoroastrianism

5)Moses - Judaism

6)Jesus - Christianity

7)Muhammad - Islam

8)The Bab - Babi Faith

9) Baha'u'llah - Bahai Faith

The Bahai Faith is the religion of this time. It's founder Baha'u'llah went through terrible suffering for this cause and is now buried in Bahji, Israel. If you ever go to Haifa (Israel), I recommend you to visit the Shrine of the Bab. It's the most beautiful place in the world.

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Q: Was Joshua a prophet?
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When was Joshua the prophet put in slavery?

Firstly Joshua was not a prophet, he was a leader.

Is TB Joshua of Nigeria a true prophet of God or he is a member of Freemasons?

Prophet Joshua is a real prophet.

Who was second prophet of God?

It is Joshua.

Who is the second prophet in the Bible?

I think it is Joshua.

Is Prophet TB Joshua a Freemason member?


Was Solomon a prophet?

Well a prophet is someone who God spoke to such as Moses, Gideon, David, and Elijah. And God spoke to Solomon so he is a prophet. A female prophet is a prophetess, Miriam the sister of Moses was the first prophetess. Deborah was also a prophetess. (Joshua is a prophet, if you put down 'WAS JOSHUA A PROPHET?' they will say no but Joshua is a prophet for God spoke to him. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph [the man with the colorful coat] are the four Patriarchs)

Is Joshua an Old Testament prophet?

It depend on what is your understanding of the word Prophet. If you say an intermediary between God and man, then maybe yes, Joshua was a Prophet. But if you say that Joshua is someone who can foretell the future, then it's highly doubtful. Most or none of his prophesies ever came true.

Who was the prophet immediately after Moses?

Joshua (fought the battle of Jericho)

Can you chat to prophet tb Joshua?

hello dear prayers !

What prophet tb Joshua email address?

Has Prophet T B Joshua been in America?

no. not yet

What are the requirements to visit Prophet TB Joshua?

To visit Prophet TB Joshua in the church of all nations you will have to call or email them and wait for confirmation before going. Some people travel around the world just to see Joshua and go to his church.

Who was the first prophet born withut father and mother?

Joshua, the son of Nun. (Joshua 1:1; 2:1)

Is prophet T B Joshua married?

Yes, his wife, Evelyn.

What was the spirituality of Joshua?

He was a prophet who obeyed the word of God and spoke to God.

How many children does Prophet T.B. Joshua have?

4 girls

Where is Prophet T B Joshua now?

It is thought that he is in Mexico and in hiding.

Who is prophet TB Joshuag?

The Prophet TB Joshua is the General Overseer of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations. The church is abbreviated SCOAN.

Direct Mobile Phones Number for Prophet T B Joshua?


Who is the founder of synagogue of all nation church?

snr prophet T.B Joshua

How many kids does prophet t b Joshua have?

4 children females

Why is Joshua mentioned in the Old Testament?

Because he was a major prophet to whom God spoke.

Who is prophet Joshua?

Joshua was a servant and a successor of Moses. While Moses led Israel out of Egypt, Joshua completed by leading Israel into the promised land in conquest after Moses' death. Joshua was not a prophet, but a spiritual leader of Israel. He simply followed Moses' instructions and finished what he has started as well as continually enforce the law of Moses. Joshua is mentioned many times in the books of Exodus, Numbers and Deuteronomy as a servant of Moses, and there's a lot more about him in the book of Joshua as the leader of the nation.

What is the population of Joshua TX?

The population of Joshua, TX is 5,982 according to the 2011 U.S. Census Bureau. This small city was founded back in 1881 and it is said that the city's name comes from the biblical prophet, Joshua.

Can you communicate with prophet tb Joshua direct to his private line?

Yes, Through Emmanuel TV, Prayer.