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Was King Arthur a Christian?

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It is really not known if King Arthur was a Christian. The Catholic Church did have missionaries that were in Great Britain, so it is possible that he became one.

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What religion was King Arthur?


What was the religion of King Arthur?

King Arthur is character of folklore. If he had lived, as supposed ruler of Britain he would have been Christian.

What has the author Arthur Paul Peden written?

Arthur Paul Peden has written: 'Behold your king' -- subject(s): American Christian poetry

Where was king Arthur king of?

King Arthur was king of Camelot, Britain.

What was king Arthur like as king?

king arthur was nice and overprotective

Facts about King Arthur?

King arthur was a king and a grumpy one

Who is the hero in the story of King Arthur?

king arthur

How was King Arthur related to the king?

King Arthur was King Uther Pendragon's son.

What time did King Arthur live in?

King Arthur is a legendary king and did not exist.

How does king Arthur become king?

King Arthur became king by pulling the sword from the stone.

What year did King Arthur become king?

king arthur became king in 1300 bc

What had made King Arthur successful king?

King Arthur die in the Battle of the Saxon's

Which movie features the famous Round Table of King Arthur?

The movie that features the Round Table of King Arthur is the movie titled King Arthur. King Arthur was released in 2004 and has a run time of 126min. King Arthur was directed by Antoine Fuqua.

Why did King Arthur become king?

King Arthur became the King because, he pulled the sword from the stone.

Who is the protagonist in King Arthur?

King Arthur himself is the protagonist in the story of King Arthur. Guinevere was the love interest and Lancelot was the conflict.

Did King Arthur have any children?

king Arthur had 25 kids.

Who was the son of king uther pendragon?

Arthur, who became King Arthur

Was King Arthur a good man?

was King Arthur a good man

What is excalibur and where did king arthur get it?

It is a sword and King Arthur retrieved it from a lake

When did the round table of King Arthur begin and end?

at King Arthur

How old was Arthur when he was crowned king?

King Arthur was crowned King when he was 12 years old

Why was the legend of King Arthur told?

It's a folktale of how King Arthur became king of Britain.

When did King Arthur become King?

when he was 16 King Arthur is fictional. When he pulled the sword from the stone, he became king.

How did king Arthur become a king?

Well that is super easy King Arthur became a King cones he saved Britian from Mordred so Britian and all of the world named King Arthur,King so that's how he was not named Arthur but King Arthur.

What is the conflict of the film King Arthur?

I think it's the conflict of King Arthur and Lancelot. Also the fight between Mordred and King Arthur.

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