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yes, Krishna is very real. In fact He is situated in the hearts of all living things. Known as supersoul or Paramatma. "Krishna" means "the all-attractive one." contrary to what each of us may think about each other, God, or Krishna, has been, is, and always will be the most attractive. So, understanding this, we can also understand that Krishna,God, is the source of all that is and ever will be. Many peoples all over the world have different names for God, but we can understand it is the same God.

PS He was born July,19 3228 BC

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What is the real name of Krishna in pratigya?

krishna singe

What happen to Radha when Krishna left gokul?

Radha's should not be taken as a real woman. Radha and her love for Krishna is spiritual. Radha is an inseparable from Krishna. In many books, Radha is supposed to be married. She is mentioned as being much elder to Krishna. But by taking her to be a real woman misses the point.

Is KK a real name?

Krishna kumar kunnnat

What is real name of Krishna from Krishna arjun?

Krishna and Arjuna are two different personalities. Krishna is incarnation of Sri Vishnu. Arjuna is one of the Pandava and brother in law of Krishna. ans; in Mahabharata pure soul is Krishna, soul with karma is Arjun and body represent as Bhīma . This is call mythological fact.

What is Ben Kinsleys real name?

Krishna Bhanji Born.

What was the real date of Krishna janamashtami in year 1974?


Are Krishna and pratigya married in real life?

no they are not married but the gossip is that they are girl and boyfriend in real life.

Are Akshara and Naitik husband wife in real life?

R they husband and wife in real life aksharA and naitik and pratigya and Krishna

What actors and actresses appeared in Real Hero - 1995?

The cast of Real Hero - 1995 includes: Ravali Krishna Ghattamaneni

Radha real name?

Radha (Devanagari: राधा) is the principal paramour of Krishna in the Srimad Bhagavatam, and the Gita Govinda of the Hindu religion. (Source: wikipedia) Radha Rani is the soul of Sri Krishna

When was Rama Rama Krishna Krishna created?

Rama Rama Krishna Krishna was created on 2010-05-12.

From where to download hare Krishna mahamantra?

Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. This is the hare krishna mahamantra.

What is the real name of Radha?

real name of radha and when she is comming back in program Radha rani the supreme goddess of the universe and the lovefilled soul of Krishna

What was the surname of lord Krishna?

He is called as thakkur so his real surname is Jadaun not Yadav

Was draupadi called 'Krishna' by Krishna?

Paanchaali and Krishne also

What has the author Krishna Reddy written?

Krishna Reddy has written: 'Krishna Reddy'

What is the full form of KRISHNA?


Why do you worship the couple of lord Krishna and Radha and not lord Krishna rookmeri?

Answer: Krishna and Radha is our soul and mind ,they represent only one Identity. Rukshmani is physical form of different identity. Marriage is between two different identity . Krishna and Radha are spiritual form , not real identity (Physical). In order to have self realization mind will become secondary (Means Radha has to go ones Kansh (Evil mind) killed and Krishna become leader.

What was chakrini dasi real name before she became a devotee to Krishna?

Chakrini is her real name. She had a hindi name since birth so she didn't had to change it.

What is harry krashna?

Hare Krishna - is a mantra recited by members of the Krishna religious movement. The full mantra is... Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

When was Krishna I born?

Krishna I was born in 756.

When did Krishna I die?

Krishna I died in 774.

When do you worship lord Krishna?

Krishna is our loard

Did Krishna have a wife?

Yes krishna have a wife

Who was the brother of Krishna?

Balram was the brother of Krishna.