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Not for the last years, byt earlier, sure.

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When was lance Armstrong's first tour de France?

Lance Armstrong rode his first Tour de France in 1993.

Does Lance Armstrong still do the France De Tour?


How many times has Lance Armstrong run the Tour de France?

Lance Armstrong has ridden in the Tour 9 times.

Where did Lance Armstrong win his first Tour de France?

In 1999, Lance Armstrong won his first Tour de France. The final leg was from Arpajon to Paris on July 25th.The Tour de France concludes in Paris, France. It is here on the Champs-Elysees that Armstrong was awarded his first win in the Tour de FranceIn France. Paris to be exact

WHo won the 2005 tour de France?

AnswerLance Armstrong

Who won the Tour de France in 1999?

Lance Armstrong

Did Lance Armstrong win the Tour De France in 2006?


Did lance armstrong win in his first tour de france?


Who won the Tour De France in 2003?

Lance Armstrong

Who won tour de France in 2004?

Lance Armstrong

Did lance armstrong race in the tour de france in 2006?


When did lance armstrong win his 6th tour de france?

Armstrong won his 6th tour in 2004.

What races has lance Armstrong won besides Tour de France?

tour dupoint

Has lance Armstrong ever lost the tour de France?


Did Lance Armstrong race in Tour De France in 2009?


Who won Le Tour De France 1997?

Lance Armstrong

Who won Le Tour De France 2001?

Lance Armstrong

Who was the American that won the tour de France in 2005?

Lance Armstrong

At what Stage did Lance Armstrong crash out of the Tour de France 2010?

Lance Armstrong never crashed out of the 2010 Tour. While he did have multiple crashes, he completed the Tour.

Did lance Armstrong win the tour de France before he got cancer?

no, he was in the tour de france, but dropped out in the fifth stage

What year did lance armstrong win his first tour de france where?

Armstrong won his first TdF in 1999, in France - as the Tour always finish in France.

What are facts about Lance Armstrong.?

he won tour de France 7 times

Who has won the most consecutive Tour de France races?

Lance Armstrong

Who is seven time tour de France winner?

Lance Armstrong from USA

When will Lance Armstrong start training again for the tour de France?

He already is.

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