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Was Lorenzo de Zavala married?

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Yes, he was married. Twice. His first wife was Teresa Correa y Correa, and they wed in 1807 and had three children. She died in 1831 after about 24 years of marriage. He married New Yorker Emily West later that same year, and they had three children. Links are provided below.

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Where was lorenzo de zavala born?

lorenzo de zavala was born in mexico

When was Lorenzo de Zavala born?

Lorenzo de Zavala was born on October 3, 1788.

Where did lorenzo de zavala die?

Lorenzo de Zavala died from a previous boating accident and acquired pneumonia in Houston, Texas

What was lorenzo de zavala colony?

A colony

Where was lorezo de zavala from?

Lorenzo de Zavala was from Tecoh, Yucatan, and was born on October 3, 1788.

Did Lorenzo de Zavala die?

Lorenzo de zavala was born in the year of 1789 and died in the year of 1836 so he was about 45 years old when he died

When did lorenzo de zavala come to Texas?

i dont no

When did Lorenzo de Zavala die?

November 15,1836

What was lorenzo de zavala role in the Texas revulution?

lorenzo de zala role in texas revouloution

Lorenzo De Zavala kids names?

Ricardo,Lorenzo Jr, and a 3rd that is impossible to answer

Where is lorenzo de zavala from?

Mexico. He was born in Yecoh, Yucatán.

Who was the vice president of the ad interim for government of Texas?

lorenzo de zavala

How Did Lorenzo De Zavala Die?

while boating, his boat overturned. he got pnemonia and died

What battles did lorenzo de zavala fight in?

This man did not fight in any battles for the texas revolution.

What role did Lorenzo de Zavala play in the Texas Revolution?

Lorenzo de Zavala's role in the Texas Revolution was that he was a vice president who served under President David G. Burnet.

What was lorenzo de zavala role in Texas revolution?

Lorenzo was an empresario for Texas until he went back to Mexico and became an official there for many more years.

What did lorenzo de zavala do in the Texas revolution?

He signed the Texas Declaration of Independence and translated for Sam Houston and Santa Anna.

What is a famous quote from lorenzo de zavala?

I'd have to say that his most famous quote, which he was remembered for was "A complete Though Bloody Victory".

What are facts about lorenzo de zavala?

1.He was the first vice president of the republic of Texas. 2.He was also a politician, colonizer, and statesman.

Did Lorenzo de zavala help write the Mexican constitution in 1824?

yes he did.He was also the vice president of the republic of texas

What has the author Marisa De Zavala written?

Marisa De Zavala has written: 'Golden fire, silver ice'

When did Adina Emilia De Zavala die?

Adina Emilia De Zavala died on 1955-05-01.

When was Adina Emilia De Zavala born?

Adina Emilia De Zavala was born on 1861-11-28.

What has the author Francisco de Zavala Villela written?

Francisco de Zavala Villela has written: 'Por parte de don Francisco de Zavala Villela, y de la Maza' -- subject(s): CSAIP, Debtor and creditor

Who was lorenzo de' Medici married too?

Clarice Orsini