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Q: Was Luke Benward in a Disney xd commercial?
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What channel is disney XD on for shaw and if you live in Winnipeg?

disney XD is on 607 and disney XD+1 is on 608

Is Disney XD a virus?

No. Disney XD is a cable channel.

What channel is Disney xd on optimum?

what channel is disney XD on

Which channel is Disney XD on?

On sky Disney xd is on channel 607.

What are the Disney xd secret codes?

The secret code for disney xd is answer.

Where can I watch disney xd games online?

Disney XD games can be watched online at the Disney XD website. Although it is not on, there is a link on that site that you can click which will redirect you to the Disney XD website.

Who is the creator of Disney XD?


When did Disney XD debut?

Disney XD launched on February 13, 2009.

When was Disney XD - Poland - created?

Disney XD - Poland - was created in 1998.

What number is Disney xd on upc box?

there is no disney xd on upc its only on sky +

Where can you watch online Disney xd shows?

If you go to xd it should get you there

When does Naruto come out on Disney XD?

Naruto Shippuden is already showing on Disney XD.

Does insight have Disney xd?

Yes if you go to kids and then scroll down to Disney XD

Is Naruto still on Disney XD?

No, it hasn't been on Disney XD for awhile now.

Is Disney XD a kids entertainment?

Well, Disney XD is ages 6-10.

What does Disney XD stand for?

Disney XD was designed to cater more to the male demographic so it's supposed to stand for eXtreme Disney. so... XD.

What are the names of all the Disney channels?

well the names are disney chanel, disney jouner, and i forgot the rest

How do you earn Disney xd points on Disney xd online?

playing games - ones that are on dxd

Does naruto shippuden come on at 11 00 on Disney xd?

Not anymore Disney XD canceled it.

What time is naruto on at Disney xd?

It comes on at 8:00pm or 8:30 on Disney XD

When was Disney XD - Latin America - created?

Disney XD - Latin America - was created in 1996.

What is the difference between Disney Channel and Disney XD?

Disney XD is for more a teenage age group and Disney Channel is for Pre-Schoolers and above

Is Disney xd free?

NO it is not...

Is Pokemon on Disney XD?

No it is not.

How do you get xd points on disney XD?

by playing games on diney xd you can earn xd points