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Was Marilyn Monroe Norwegian?


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There is no proof as to who Marilyn's father was, there has been speculation and guesses as to who fathered the American sweetheart but no definitive proof.

Her father is Martin Edward Mortensen, the son of an immigrant (also called Martin Edward Mortenson) from the village of Skold near Haugesund in Norway. He abandoned his family before Marilyn Monroe was born and died without ever seeing his daughter. He is listed as Edward Mortenson on Marilyn Monroe's birth-certificate (hence her birthname of Norma Jean Mortenson).

Marilyn Monroe however denied that he was her father throughout her life causing some debate, however it is considered more likely that Mortenson was her biological father and left because he didn't want to cope with his then partly separated wife having a baby daughter. A copy of Monroe's birth-certificate was found in his belongings after he died.

Marilyn Monroe herself claimed to be of Scottish, Irish and Norwegian ancestry though this would seemingly have to be from her father's side of the family as she has no known Norwegian ancestors on her maternal line


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