Was Martin Luther King Jr a Baptist minister?

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In the Mid 1500s.
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Why was Martin Luther King Jr. important?

Martin Luther King Jr. was important because he tried to put an endto racism and make peace for the world. He wanted people to betreated the equally and not differently. He wanted people to beable to go into the same spots and not have to go to differentplaces. He wanted freedom for the world and be ( Full Answer )

What did Martin Luther King Jr Jr. do?

Martin Luther King Jr. campaigned against segregation betweenblacks and whites peacefully. He led many protests including theMontgomery Bus Boycott. Martin Luther King Jr. tryed to stopslavery and died for the people

Why did Martin Luther King Jr do what he did?

Reason Martin Luther King, Jr. Did What He Did king fought to make the blacks free and wanted to be able to get equally treated To free black Americans and do want white people did like drink in the same water fountain and go in the same school and stores and every thing else.

Who was Martin Luther King Jr?

Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929-April 4, 1968) was an African-American minister, speaker, and civil rights leader, who helped to end legal segregation in the US during the early 1960s. He was born Michael King, Jr., but later had his name changed to Martin. He attended segregated publi ( Full Answer )

What was martin Luther kings jr dream?

I suppose it was that all people, no matter the colour of their skin, would be equal under the law. he had many dreams that are all stated clearly in his dream speech

Why was Martin Luther King Jr in Memphis?

MLK was in Memphis to support the trash men who were on strike for better working conditions. He was originally staying in a hotel owned by a wealthy white man until he received criticism and moved to a hotel own by a black man where he was assassinated.

Is there a statue on Martin Luther King Jr.?

yes,it is sculpted out of stone but his back and legs are still just stone its meant to represent his unfinished life unfinished speeches, his stony skeleton broken by a heartless silver and/or gold bullet and another question answered by breakerbomb

How were Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr related?

There is absolutely no family relationship - only their names are quite similar at first glance! The similarity is explained by the fact that Martin Luther King and also his son, Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior, were both named after Martin Luther, the 16th century Protestant theologian. Mar ( Full Answer )

When where was Martin Luther king jr?

If you are trying to ask me when was Martin Luther King Jr. in business. The answer is he was in business since 1955.

What did Martin Luther King Jr. Jr do?

He ended the segregation of blacks and whites, won a Nobel Peace Prize, was elected TIME magazine's man of the year, and a lot more.

Did martin Luther king Jr like working as a minister baptist?

yes he did if he didnt he wouldn't chose that job. he stayed in it even after they burned his house. yes he did if he didnt he wouldn't chose that job. he stayed in it even after they burned his house. yes he did if he didnt he wouldn't chose that job. he stayed in it even after they burned his hous ( Full Answer )

How is Martin Luther related to Martin Luther King Jr.?

The two only share a common first name, but their last names are completely different. One is 'Luther' the other is 'King', and one lived in the 1500s, and the other from 1928 (in utero) to April 4, 1968. One was German and the other American. One was white and the other black. They are in no way re ( Full Answer )

Are Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr related?

No. Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr are not related. The two men are very similar. Martin Luther King Jr was inspired by Martin Luther. Therefore, he decided to change his name to his role model and hero. Martin Luther rebelled against the Catholic Church in 1517. Martin Luther King Jr rebe ( Full Answer )

Why did Martin Luther King Jr to do what he did?

he did what he did so black and white children could go to the same schools together--The school thing was decided by the Supreme Court. He did what he did to provide justice for African-Americans and others, starting with access to the bus system and ending with challenging poverty and the Vietnam ( Full Answer )

What did Martin Luther King Jr do?

Martin Luther King Jr. helped make equal rights to black people. He led the civil rights movement and helped end segregation. He gave big words in a church about stoping war. Martin Luther King made an important and powerful speech on August 28th 1963 making a call for racial equality [everyone t ( Full Answer )

What did Martin king Luther jr do?

Martin Luther King Jr. was a speaker that spoke out for African-American rights. His most famous speech is "I have a Dream," which he gave at the Lincoln Memorial which protested the laws that the government had set in place for racial descrimination.

Why did Martin Luther King jr did what he did?

Martin Luther King Jr did what he did because he felt it was lowtime that African Americans especially stood up to be counted as ascitizens of the USA and that they should not be treated equally andfairly in everyday life and business. He wanted to do it in a violent manner, so he spread the wordsta ( Full Answer )

How is Martin Luther similar to Martin Luther King Jr.?

They both have the same first names! They also have similar degrees academically, questioned authority to try to bring about positive changes for society, and both were deeply devout Christians. Both tried to advocate their views in a peaceful way, but both inadvertently sparked bloody violence, i ( Full Answer )

How did Martin Luther King Jr get to where he is?

Dr. King was a very important leader in the civil rights movement. A dynamic orator, he made a number of memorable speeches, including the one known as "I have a dream"-- this speech is considered by many scholars to be an excellent example of effective public speaking. A preacher as well as a civil ( Full Answer )

What did Jr Martin Luther King Jr do?

He was a leader of the blacks. And a very good one to, He lived In Atlanta Georgia and sadly died of assassination 4 April 1968.

How did Martin Luther King Jr do what he did?

Martin Luther King, Jr. helped all Americans, and especially African Americans in the Civil Rights Movements to end segregation and discrimination throughout the country. He did this by speaking out publicly and often, and leading many of the organized efforts to making segregation and discriminatio ( Full Answer )

What did Martin Luther King jr do about it?

well that is easy Martin Luther king Jr. always did the best for every thing because always went against violance he always saw his dad he fought for freedom and won so that is watt he did about it

Why were Martin Luther King Jr and Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated?

Martin Luther King was not assassinated. Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated in 1968. The reason for it, and whether it was the work of one man or a conspiracy, was never clearly determined, so the reason why becomes, at best, an educated guess. Some believe it was because the white peop ( Full Answer )

The facts about Martin Luther King Jr.?

1) When his grandmother passed away in may 1941, he tried commitingsuicide by jumping from the second story window of his house. 2)He smoked regularly 3) While on a book tour for his book Stride Toward Freedom,a woman approached Martin Luther King Jr. and stabbed him in thechest with a letter open ( Full Answer )

How is Martin Luther King Jr a fighter?

He was a strong black African American that believed everyone should have equal rights and opportunities and he also believed that someday blacks and whites will someday beable to go to the same schools.

How is Martin Luther King Jr. selfless?

He isn't selfless, lol. he is a civil rights leader who fights for equality of just not black people, but all races. you could call him caring or something. if i didnt help sorry.

Was Martin Luther king jr named after Martin Luther?

He actually was born Michael King Jr., the son of the Rev. MichaelKing Sr. But in the 1930s, the senior King changed their names inhonor of German priest Martin Luther, the leader of the 16thcentury Protestant Reform movement.

What is Martin Luther King Jr a doctor of?

He began doctoral studies in systematic theology at Boston University and received his Doctor of Philosophy on June 5, 1955, with a dissertation on "A Comparison of the Conceptions of God in the Thinking of Paul Tillich and Henry Nelson Wieman." (Wikipedia) . For the source and more detailed inform ( Full Answer )

Rap for Martin Luther King Jr?

martin luther king had a dream tat all of us could be a team and accolmpish our dreams so we can make the earth clean

What did Martin Luther King jr do and how?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for equal rights for all people of every backround. The reason he is so unique is because he was non-violent in his goals. He earned the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, and was assassinated in 1968.

How Martin Luther King Jr did?

How did he die ? If that's what your question is suppose to be . Well he died because someone shot him, no one knows who though .

Why did Martin Luther King Jr do as he did?

He wanted to see African-Americans and Anglo-Americans live together peacefully. Back then racism was very intense(eg. black people had to sit in a different area on the bus than the white) which most likely motivated him even more to do what he did.