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Many mexicans entered the United States during the world war2 because of the bracero program :Dhope this helped!!!

My Father, who is mexican / american and flew B-24 Liberators in the Pacific theatre during WW2, told me that there was a Mexican squadren of P-51's piloted by Mexican pilots sent to Europe. They did not do very well, He told me that the squadren suffered heavy losses. I also believe I saw an old black and white movie about this on a spanish channel while channel surfing.

To annonymous, Hitler didnt send them the letter to ask them to invade America. That was in WW1 it was called the Zimmerman note

Yes, Mexico was invloved in WW2. I found that at one point they were even allied with the axis powers(Germany and Italy) They wanted to strenghth their relationship with the US as well, so they helped us out during the war. They had about 36 airman that they sent into the war.

They did not take an active role in the war until 1942 after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. As a result the United States and Mexico created the "Joint Mexican-United States commission."1 The commission`s main purpose was the creation of a plan for the defense of Mexico and the south western United States. It was not until May of 1942 that Mexico finally declared war Germany and Japan after two Mexican tankers in the Gulf of Mexico by German submarines. The Mexican government decided to created an air squadron to fight in the Pacific. After a year of training in the United States Squadron 201 arrived in the Philippines in April of 1945. The squadron was mad of of Flying P-47 Thunderbolt fighters and they took part in long range reconnaissance and bombing runs over Taiwan. There were 32 pilots, of which 7 died.1

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Mexico got involve in world war two the USA president went to Monterrey to ask Mexico for help, this started because the Japanese sunk a ship of oil that were going to USA Mexico sent a escuandron 201 to the USA to help them

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Q: Was Mexico involved in World War 2 and if so why did they enter?
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Mexico contributed military forces to aid the allies from 1941-1945.

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Mexico got involved in 1944 they declared war to the Axis. Why because Germany attacked some Mexican oil Ships. Mexico declared war to the Axis,Mexico send Air-Force planes (Escuadrón Aéreo de Pelea 201) To fight against Japan.

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Was Mexico involved in World War 1 and if so why did they enter?

Mexico was never directly involved in the First World War, but there is an absolutely fascinating episode, referred to as The Zimmerman Telegram, which you can read about by following the link below. Also, the great historian Barbara W. Tuchman wrote a short but exciting book on the subject entitled The Zimmermann Telegram: (Ballantine Books; 1958). Find it at your local library. Politics and war make for strange bedfellows indeed.

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