Was Moon Maid cartoon character in Dick Tracy ever on TV cartoons who did her voice?

Yes, she was -- Moon Maid appeared in the Dick Tracy shorts that was part of "Archie's TV Funnies" (it aired on CBS from 1971-1973). Unlike the UPA Dick Tracy shorts from the early 60's, this series stayed pretty true to what was running in the comic strip at the time.

As for who provided the voice, I am not certain, but it's safe to say whoever it was obviously came from Filmation's stable of voice talent.

Here's a still shot from DT's Archie run - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kerry-Drake-The-Comic-Strip/169329443096858#!/photo.php?fbid=204123662950769&set=a.238109992885469.73390.169329443096858&type=1&theater