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Was Norway occupied in World War 2?



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Yes. From the start of the Nazi invasion on April 9, and occupation ended May 8, 1945.
I do not know the answer, but there's probably a very good chance that it was conquered.
Yes. Germany invaded Norway on April 9, 1940. Norway lost in 2 days.


What he is writing above is completely false. Norway actually, despite it's small army with WW1 equipment, managed to put up a fight until June 10th, 1940 which was a record for invaded countries. Norway did in other words not capitulate until 2 months had passed - not 2 days as he wrote above.


Denmark was invaded on the 9th April 1940 not Norway.

Norway capitulated (Though Norwegian armed forces countinued fighting the Germans until the German capitulation the 8th of April 1945) on 10 June 1940, two months after Wesertag, this made Norway the invaded country which withstood the German war machine for the second longest time. Only the Soviet Union provided the Germans with a more prolonged fight.