Was Prophet Muhammad a pedophile?

Answer A

The simple answer is no. However the answer is more complex than it might look on the surface.

One of Muhammad's wives was Ayesha or Aisha. Depending on what sources are used her age at marriage is sometimes put at 6 and consummation at 9. However there are a number of facts which need to be factored in.

1: Not all sources agree with Bukhari about Ayesha's age, Bukhari's Hadith were not collated until 300-odd years after Muhammad's death. Other sources give Ayesha's age as being 16 at marriage and 19 at consummation.

2: Even if her age were 6 / 9, the custom of taking child brides was a part of Middle-Eastern culture. The Jews practised it as well as many of the other nations in the Middle-East and remember too that Mary of Nazareth's age was probably around the 12-14 mark.

3: Pedophilia is both a sexual dysfunction and a legal one. Muhammad's others wives were adult women with who he apparently had very good relations. This would not normally be the case for a pedophile.

4: Customs and Traditions as well as laws were very different then from now. What is considered unacceptable now was not considered anything to comment about then.

Answer B

No. there is no mention of Prophet Muhammad being a pedophile. Prophet Muhammad was a spiritual, political, and religious leader.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was not pedophile. What said about his marriage from Aisha (God be pleased with her) at age 6 is not true. Aisha was 19 years old when she got married with prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who was at 54 years. Another important point to be stated here is that Aisha (God be pleased with her) was engaged to another one before prophet Muhammad then this engagement was broken before being engaged to the prophet.

Aisha was 19 years old when she got married. This was in the year 2 A.H. or around year 624 AD. Prophet Mohamed was around 54 years old when married with Aisha (he was born in year 570 AD).

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