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Randy Jackson is not related to Michael Jackson. The Jackson 5 were all brothers.

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No, if you are thinking of Randy Jackson off American Idol, but Michael did have a brother called Randy who was in the Jackson 5 along with the other brothers.Yes, he is the youngest of the brothers and is often called little Randy. By the way... this isn't Randy Jackson off American Idol, if that's what you're thinking.

There are two Randy Jacksons. One of them is an American Idol Judge. The other is the youngest brother of Michael Jackson, and a former member of the Jackson 5.

yes he had 5 other brothers. Tito, Marlon, Jackie, Jermaine, Randy.

Michael Jackson's siblings from oldest to youngest: -Maureen "Rebbie" Jackson -Sigmund "Jackie" Jackson -Toriano "Tito" Jackson -Jermaine Jackson -LaToya Jackson -Brandon Jackson (died hours after birth) -Marlon Jackson -Michael Jackson -Steven "Randy" Jackson -Janet Jackson -Joh'Vonnie Jackson (had a different mother then the other Jackson children)

This was a staged moment by Michael & Randy. It wasnt real. Michael often does things like this. For example, Slash not getting off stage and MJ trying to get him off, MJ & Slash did this routine several times at other shows. Michael & Randy did this same routine on the Sept 7 & 10 2001 shows of 30th Anniversary.

You can not compare them, one is a singer/dancer the other is a fictional character from a movie.

Before starting his solo career he was the member and lead singer of the band "The Jackson Five". This band comprised of him and his other brothers.

Michael Jackson really love his sisters but I think Michael Jackson love Janet Jackson more than the other.

Michael Jackson is there all time favorite. But like everyone else they like other artist and it changes all the time.

ofcource, Michael was a brother of rebbie Jackson, they loved each other very much

No..but Michael Jackson did marry Elvis's daughter Lisa.

Michael Jackson had 2 sons, one named Prince Michael and the other named Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., and one daughter named Paris Michael Katherine.

Austin mahone <3333 ^Oh please! Dont you think you forgot about Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, Mike Jagger, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown & all those other famous singers? The most popular male singer is definitely Michael Jackson. No doubt

Depends on which one it is: Michael Jackson's brother Randy is probably worth only about $2-3 million (actually maybe $800,000-900,000 annual gross income after taxes per old Jackson 5 recording residuals). American Idol star Randy Jackson is currently worth between $25-35 million annually from the show and other personal production rights.

The Jackson 5 was a great band starring Michael. It included Jermaine,Tito, and other Jackson family members(Besides Rebbie Randy LeToya or Janet) and made many hits such as ABC Got to Be there and many more

Michael Jackson was a very successful entertainer, and entertainment is good.

jammed with journey & other bands

There are two different men by the name of Randy Jackson. The American Idol judge was NOT in the Jackson 5. He was was born in 1956. The other Randy Jackson, born Steven Randall Jackson did often travel with his brothers, but did not join the group until Jermaine left in 1976 and the group became The Jacksons because Berry Gordy would not let them keep the name The Jackson 5.

Yes, they were brother and sister before michael died in 2009.

Michael Jackson wrote we are the Word We are the Children and sang it with many other musicians. He did a number of songs with Paul McCarthy.

No not at all Michael Jackson had normal fingers like any other adult his age would.

No he has one, the other Michael Jackson star is for a talk show host.

Michael Jackson was the first to do everything, and to most that's what makes him different from others.

None of them are related to each other.

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