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Was Ronald Reagan a good president?

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Yes, he was one of the greatest. He won the war and decreased the taxes lowered government and if you look at polls you'll see what i mean.

Like- look at the election results for 1980, 1984.

he was an inspirational leader with moral values

No, he failed with his " trickle down" theory, doubled our national dept, increased government and military spending, and ruined our economy.

Although this is an opinion, some people thought he was horrible.

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Who was George Bush vice president to?

Ronald ReaganRonald ReaganRonald Reagan was the President when George Hebert Walker Bush was the Vice President.

Was Ronald Reagan vice president?

Nope never vice president Ronald Wilson Reagan was never vice president.

Which president walked to his inauguration?

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What year did Ronald Reagan become president?

Ronald Reagan became president in 1981

Who was the first president to get divorced?

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Was president Ronald Reagan affiliated with the KKK?

he was a good man

What date did Ronald Reagan become president?

Ronald Reagan became president on January 20,1981.

Did president Ronald Reagan have a dog?

President Ronald Reagan did have a dog. His dog's name was Rex

Who was elected after President Ronald Reagan?

George H.W. Bush was elected after President Ronald Reagan.

What president was defeated by Ronald Reagan?

Jimmy Carter was the President who lost to Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Was Ronald Reagan the 14 president?

Ronald Reagan was the 40th president, serving from 1981-1989.

Was Ronald Reagan president of labor union?

Ronald Reagan was President of the Screen Actors Guild.

What president was tied to the strategic defense initiative called Star Wars?

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Ronald Reagan became president in January 20th, 1981.

Which president was a sports announcer?

That would be Ronald Reagan. That would be Ronald Reagan.

How did Ronald Reagan get into politics?

First Ronald Reagan was the President of SAG, the Screen Actors Guild. And then he was Governor of California from 1966 to 1975. And after that, Ronald Reagan was the US President.

Was Ronald Reagan governor and president?

Yes, Ronald Reagan was the governor of California before he became President of the US.

What is Reagan?

his name is Ronald Reagan and his was our 40th president.

What political party did President Ronald Reagan represent?

Did Ronald Reagan have Political Parties

Who was president when the space shuttle Challenger exploded in 1986?

Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan

What years did Ronald Reagan rule for?

Ronald Reagan was President of the USA from 1981 to 1988.

When was President Ronald Reagan born?

Ronald Reagan was born on February 6, 1911.

Who was the democratic president of the us between Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan?

Jimmy Carter succeeded Ford and preceded Ronald Reagan.

Was it president Carter or Reagan that bombed Libya?

It was President Ronald Reagan in 1986.

When did they burry President Ronald Reagan?

In Moscow,Russia No, President Ronald Reagan was buried in Simi Valley California , not Russia.