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Q: Was Ronnie Shannon who wrote 'Baby I Love you' for Aretha Franklin white?
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When did aretha Franklin marry ted white?

Aretha Franklin and Ted White married in 1961 and divorced in 1969.

How many kids did Aretha Franklin have with Ted White?


Why aretha Franklin divorced ted white?

'cause he used to beat her

How was aretha Franklin discovred?

Naked, apart from one white sock.

Where is aretha Franklin first husband ted white?

Aretha Franklin"s first husband who is the father of Teddy Richards (Aretha's Son) still lives in Detroit, MI

What are Aretha Franklin sons name?

Clarence,Edward,Ted White Jr and Kecalf

When did aretha Franklin and ted white get married?

1961. They had two children before divorcing in 1969.

Who is Brenda White King currently singing with?

Brenda White King currently can sometimes be heard singing with Aretha Franklin

Who did aretha Franklin marry?

She married Glynn Turman (1978-1984) and Ted White (1961-1969)

Pictures of Aretha Franklin and her children?

She dose have 4 boys Clarence Edward Ted white JR and Kecalf.

What album contained the song rockalot by aretha franklin?

if you get oil and paint and mix them together with a byfuse of bleach you canget the white out of clothes

Is Vanna White having a health problem?

No why do you think so. Famous people even rumored to have health problems are in the news like Aretha Franklin was

Who are the people that aretha Franklin married?

Glynn Turman April 11, 1978 - 1984 (divorced) Ted white 1962 - 1969 (divorced with 1 child)

When was Ronnie L. White born?

Ronnie L. White was born on 1953-05-31.

What are the names Aretha Franklin's husbands?

Aretha doesn't have any husbands. But she has two ex-husbands, Ted White and Glynn Turman.

Who was aretha Franklin married to?

Glynn Turman April 11, 1978 - 1984 (divorced) Ted white 1962 - 1969 (divorced with 1 child) and was engaged to a different man willie wilkerson in 2012.

When was Patrick Franklin White born?

Patrick Franklin White was born in 1981.

When did Benjamin Franklin White die?

Benjamin Franklin White died in 1879.

When was Benjamin Franklin White born?

Benjamin Franklin White was born in 1800.

When was Franklin White born?

Franklin White was born in 1924, in Shoreham, England, UK.

What kind of race was Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin was white.

When did Franklin White Turnbull die?

Franklin White Turnbull died on 1971-02-24.

When was Franklin White Turnbull born?

Franklin White Turnbull was born on 1881-06-19.

When did John Franklin White die?

John Franklin White died on 1961-06-22.

When was John Franklin White born?

John Franklin White was born on 1873-10-27.