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Was Rosa parks husband white or black?


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i think he was black because she was angry at the whites so she could not have married a white person.


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In my case, i think Raymond parks husband of Rosa parks was black.

he was a half cast.. INNIT

No, Rosa Parks was not married to a white man. Her only husband, Raymond Parks, was an African American man.

Rosa Parks' husband was Raymond Parks.

Rosa Parks husband was Raymond Parks.

yes Rosa parks has a husband and his name is Raymond parks.

No, Rosa Parks' husband, Raymond Parks, did not have any children.

Rosa parks loved Raymond parks(her husband)

Rosa Parks disagreed with how the white people treated black people differently than other white people.

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man and its a law that if a white person does not have a seat then a black person would have to give up there seat. Rosa Parks was brave enough to to tell the white man "NO!" That's what Rosa Parks did that was so important, she made black an white people unite together.

Yes, Rosa Parks was black.

Rosa Parks' husband, Raymond Parks, died on August 19, 1977.

Neither Rosa Parks nor her husband, Raymond Parks, had any children.

Rosa Parks and her husband Raymond had no children.

No, Rosa Parks and her husband Raymond Parks had no children.

Raymond Parks is Rosa Parks; spouse ( Husband ).

Rosa Parks' husband, Raymond Parks, is buried next to her at Woodlawn Cemetery in Detroit, Michigan.

Rosa Parks husband died before her.

Rosa Parks and her husband Raymond Parks had no children of their own.

Rosa Parks only had one husband, Raymond Parks.

No, Rosa Parks completed highschoool in 1934. At that time women, white or black, did not attend college.

Rosa Parks was predominantly of African descent, with a small mix of Scots-Irish and Native American.

No, Rosa Parks' husband, Raymond Parks, died of throat cancer on August 19, 1977.

The black lady that trespassed into the white section was ROSA PARKS

Rosa Parks husband was a lawyer

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