Was Squanto famous?

I believe he was, since we know about him today!

Squanto (or Tisquantum) was born around 1585, a member of the Patuxet tribe, a sub-tribe of the Wampanoags, in present-day Massachusetts. As a young man, he was captured twice by European sailors, brought to Europe, and sold as a slave. The second time, he was rescued by kind monks, but remained in England, seeking a way to return to his people. Over the years, he learned English language and customs. Eventually, in 1619, he was able to find a ship to take him to his own homeland, only to discover that all his family and friends had died in an epidemic. He befriended the Pilgrims, who had settled nearby, becoming an invaluable help to them with his knowledge of English and his skill at living in the "New World". He acted as a translator between the English and the native people, doing much to keep peaceful relations between them. In 1622, he fell sick while returning from one of these meetings and died.