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Stalin was allied with the allies and not Hitler. Germany and Russia had a non aggression pact until Germany invaded Russia. After that they were enemies.

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Q: Was Stalin allied with Hitler
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Why did Stalin switch from axis to allied in World War 2?

although Stalin had a none aggression pact with Hitler, Hitler attached the Soviet Union causing Stalin to side with the allies...........................

What happens if Stalin kill Hitler by himself?

Hitler die and Stalin rule Germany without allied and Germany is being Occupied by Russia and German will be a COMMUNIST!

Why did Stalin join allied forces during World War 2?

Hitler attacked him.

Who was stalin allied with?

Joseph Stalin allied the USSR with the Allies.

Why did Stalin join the allies?

Adolph Hitler made a nonaggression act with Stalin. So Stalin and Hitler became partners in crime, taking over more and more territory. Hitler felt threatened by the rate at which Stalin was attaining land, so he tries to invade the u.s.s.r. He doesn't succeed. What an epic FAILURE! So Stalin then joins the Allied Forces at the begginning of WWII.

Who was the allied leader who constantly pushed the US and Britain to open a second front against Hitler?


Who is Hitler worse than Stalin?

If you mean: Was Hitler worse than Stalin or Who was worse, Hitler or Stalin? The answer is Hitler.

Did Hitler and Stalin meet?

No, Hitler and Stalin never met.

Did Stalin make a pact with Hitler?

Yes. It was the Hitler-Stalin Pact.

Did Hitler and Stalin ever meet?

No, Hitler and Stalin never met.

What leader supported Hitler's Axis powers until it was clear that the Allies were winning the war?

Josef Stalin from Russia played both a friend to Hitler as well as to the allied forces.

How was Stalin a better leader than Hitler?

Stalin was worst than Hitler. Stalin killed 9 million more people than Hitler.

Who was the most violent Hitler or Stalin?

Stalin and Hitler were both equally violent.

Was Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler both in favor of Communism?

No, Stalin was, Hitler was not.

What Country did Joseph Stalin lead?

Joseph Stalin led the Soviet Union. Stalin took over after Lenin died. Stalin was not Lenin's choice as a successor but Stalin schemed and came into power, basically he stole the title. He was in power before and after WW11. He died in 1953. In WW2 he had signed a non-agression pact with Hitler, but ultimately became allied with France, Great Britain, the United States and the other Allied countries.

What did francisco franco have in common with Hitler and Stalin?

With Hitler he was a socialist. He had nothing in common with Stalin.

Who was the worst dictator Hitler Stalin or Mussolini?

In my opinion: Hitler, then Stalin, followed by Mussolini

Who was worse Hitler or Stalin?

Probably Hitler. They were both mass murderers, but what Hitler did was HORRIBLE! Hitler and his Nazis killed millions of Jews, and Stalin didn't. Stalin is more of a 50-50, but Hitler was far more evil and cruel.

Who was more liberal Stalin or Hitler and why?


What territory did Hitler and Joseph Stalin agree to divide?

Stalin and Hitler agreed on dividing Poland in the beginning of the second world war, and then Stalin was betrayed by Hitler, and they became enemies.

Were Hitler and Joseph Stalin friends during World War 2?

No, the Russians (Stalin) destroyed Germany and drove hitler to suicide Stalin was not a good person but hitler had right intentions

Did Hitler hate Stalin?

Yes he hated Stalin

Who would win in a fight Stalin or Hitler?


Which person was not one of the ''big three'' at the yalta conference Hitler Roosevelt Stalin churchchill?

Your knowledge is somewhat askew: Hitler was not present at the Yalta conference - it was a discussion between Alliedleaders.Roosevelt, Stalin & Churchill were the "Big Three".

Joseph stalin and adolf hitler were both in favor of what?

Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler were both in favor of what?