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There is no record of Steve Boggs ever being with Blues Image. A link to the band's bio is provided.

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I don't know Steve never even had a birthday on blues clues

Steve Ott is number 29 on the St. Louis Blues.

Steve Burns from Blues Clues is now working in the music business, writing and producing music.

Blues with a Feeling - Steve Hackett album - was created in 1994.

Steve Burns played "Steve," the original host of Blues Clues. Eventually, Steve left the show and was replaced by "Joe," who was played by Donovan Patton.

Steve Ott plays for the St. Louis Blues.

Steve Ott plays center for the St. Louis Blues.

he is played by Steve burns.

The reason behind Joe replacing Steve on "Blue's Clues" is because Steve elected to leave the show.

Steve James has written: 'Bowler's Guide' 'Learn to Play Blues Mandolin' 'Roots and blues mandolin' -- subject(s): Mandolin, Methods (Blues), Blues (Music), Self-instruction, Instruction and study 'Roots and blues fingerstyle guitar' -- subject(s): Guitar, Methods, Self-instruction 'Inside blues guitar' -- subject(s): Blues (Music), Guitar, Guitar music (Blues), History and criticism, Instruction and study

Steve Buscemi provides the voice for Randall Boggs in the movie, Monsters, Inc.

Yes they are cousins or brothers

The cast of The Fears of Tade - 2003 includes: Steve Boggs Josie Struebing

The cast of The Best of Dan Aykroyd - 1986 includes: Steve Cropper as Blues Brothers Band Donald Dunn as Blues Brothers Band Shelley Duvall as Bad Ballet Dancer Steve Jordan as Blues Brothers Band Madeline Kahn as Pat Nixon Margot Kidder as Miss Potter Lou Marini as Blues Brothers Band Steve Martin as Georg Festrunk Matt Murphy as Blues Brothers Band Don Pardo as Himself - Announcer Alan Rubin as Blues Brothers Band Tom Scott as Blues Brothers Band Paul Shaffer as Blues Brothers Band

Me, along with Blues Clues, Steve Harvey, and Toni Braxton

It was first released on Steve Earle's 2000 album Transcendental Blues.

The cast of The Best of John Belushi - 1985 includes: Steve Cropper as Himself (Blues Brothers) Donald Dunn as Himself (Blues Brothers) Buck Henry as himself Steve Jordan as Himself (Blues Brothers) Robert Klein as himself Lou Marini as Himself (Blues Brothers) Matt Murphy as Himself (Blues Brothers) Don Novello as Mike Dionasopolis Doris Powell as Lt. Uhura Rob Reiner as himself Alan Rubin as Himself (Blues Brothers) Tom Scott as Himself (Blues Brothers) Paul Shaffer as Himself (Blues Brothers)

The cast of Denim Blues - 1989 includes: John Fucile as Rikki Peter Michael Dillon as TYLER (1989) Sandra Oh as Gwen Steve Sauve as Steve Dennis Van Staalduinen as Rob (1989)

Originally Steve Burns. Shortly after 2002, they replaced him with Donovan Patton.

Because the don't film blues clues anymore. Steve and that other dude are old and they can't film them anymore. Besides no one watches blues clues anymore. They watch other stuff like, The backyardagains and The wiggles.

You'll have to do an image search for Steve Burns but he pretty much looks the same aside from being bald.

Steve Davis is known as Steve "Interesting" Davis. It was actually a parody by the programme Spitting Image that came up with the name and it stuck.

Steve Durbano (born 12/12/51) was 20 years old when he made his debut for the Blues on October 7, 1972.

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