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Was Sweden colonized?

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It's colonised.

And yeah. The north used to be ran by the sami but the Swedes steadily pushed north and established new cities there.

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What countries have never been colonized?

Nepal and Sweden.

Who colonized Finland?

Russia and Sweden colonized Finland before it became independent on the 6th of December 1917.

Who colonized Norway?

No one, Norway is in Scandinavia (northern Europe), and was not colonized. We have been part of political unions with Denmark and Sweden.

Did Finnish people colonize?

No, they did not. However Finland got colonized by Sweden.

Who colonized Sweden?

The year 1664 saw the arrival of a contingent of 140 Finns.

Did Swedish declared their independence because they were unhappy?

Sweden haven't declared independence. Sweden have not been colonized. Except for brief spells of Danish control, Sweden has been an independent country.

Name the 4 European countries that colonized the Caribbean islands?

Great Britain, Denmark, Holland, France, Portugal, Spain and Sweden all colonized the Caribbean islands.

Has Finland ever been colonized?

Finland has been a part of both Russia and Sweden before it became independent on the 6th of December 1917.

When was french west Africa colonized and who colonized it?

it was colonized in 1842 and Franklin Joseph Anderson colonized it.

Name three European countriesthat explored and colonized America?

Spain, France, Sweden, The Netherlands, England. There, I gave you five, so you have two extras...

Who colonized Grenada?

great britain colonized grenada and currently is colonized by

Who colonized the Newfoundland?

The country that colonized Newfoundland and Labrador was Europe. It was colonized in 1949.

How long Japan colonized colonized the Philippines?

Japan colonized us from 1941 to 1945.

Who was India colonized by?

India was colonized by the british

Who colonized Algeria?

The French colonized Algeria

Who colonized Nigeria?

The british colonized nigeria.

Who colonized Egypt?

Egypt was colonized by the British.

Who colonized Peru?

Peru was colonized by the Spanish

When was New Hampshire colonized?

it was colonized in 1623

Who colonized Madagascar?


India was colonized by whom and how was it colonized?

by the british

Why was ivory coast colonized?

it was colonized for cocoa

Lebanon was colonized by whom and how was it colonized?


Who colonized Singapore?

Singapore was colonized by Britain.

Who colonized turkey?

Noone colonized Turkey.

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