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The Great Depression happened in the 1930s and 1940s. Taylor Swift was born in 1989, so she was not around during the Great Depression.

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Q: Was Taylor Swift around during the Great Depression?
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How much did a Ford automobile cost in the Great Depression?

A ford mobile cost around $900 during the GREAT DEPRESSION

How many kids were homeless during the great depression?

Around 250,000

How much where cars during the great depression?

they were usually around $1000

There was a what market during the great depression?

There was a Msrjet Crash during the great depression.

Which of these rose during the great depression?

Migration rose during the Great Depression.

Did they have bicycles during the great depression?

Yes, there were bicycles during the great depression.

Who was part of the great depression?

Everybody during the great depression.

What was environmental cleanliness like during the Great Depression?

it was not clean during the great depression

Why did population patterns change so often during the Great Depression?

Families moving in search of work is why the population patterns changed so often during The Great Depression. The depression was felt around the world.

How does hooverville relate to the Great Depression?

It happenes during the Great Depression.

Of mice of men was during the what depression?

The great depression

What did people die from during the Great Depression?

People died during the Great Depression because of starvation.

What did some Americans question during the Great Depression?

What did some americans question during the great depression?

What did the president during the great depression tell people was just around the corner?


Where was unemployment during the Great Depression?

Unemployment was everywhere during the Great Depression. What made the depression so great was that a larger than normal percentage of the population was not employed.

What day did the banks close during the Great Depression?

what did so many banks close during the great depression

What is the Name of the president during the great depression?

Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt were the presidents during the great depression.

Was the holocaust during the great depression?


How much money did you earn during the Great Depression?

Not much was earned in the Great Depression.

Describe two causes and two effects of the Great Depression?

Reese Chesnut and Taylor Phillips had sex and created the Great Depression.

Is there anyone their who lived during the great depression?

There are many Americans who were alive during the depression.

Christmas during the Great Depression?

Yes chrismas still occurred during the depression.

What were the hoovervilles during the Great depression?

Hoovervilles were shanty towns built by homeless people during the Great Depression. They were named by President Hoover, who was blamed for much of the Great Depression.

Where did people get food during the great depression?

During the great depression people ate the food that they had stored, no one starved during this period.

What was the unemployment percentage during the Great Depression according to class of society?

The unemployment rate was 25% during the Great Depression.