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A wireless network in the home has a variety of advantages. The most obvious is the ability to connect a laptop computer to the internet from any room in the house. This freedom to work or play on the computer in different rooms is both appealing and useful. And connecting multiple computers to that same network gives access to shared computers and the internet to multiple users simultaneously.

The aesthetic advantage provided by a wireless network is significant. Being able to use a computer without it being connected to various wires and cables can have a positive emotional effect on the user and others in the same room. Besides providing the ability to move the computer around freely within the network range, wireless networks do not add the clutter of unattractive wires and cables to the room. The wireless network provides a clean-looking, uncluttered environment which does not detract from the overall look and feel of the room.

A wireless network also provides a significant cost savings for printer hardware needs. All of the computers on the network can share only one printer, thus saving the cost of a separate printer for each computer in the home. Although this is not as convenient as having the printer right beside each computer, it is definitely worth consideration.

There is also a time savings benefit from wireless network use. All of the wires, cables, power strips and surge protectors that are commonly found with the wired computer cause extra housecleaning time. Those wired jungles are frustrating to clean and must be handled with care so that connections are not unintentionally loosened. So the wireless network reduces the housecleaning time needed in rooms where computers are used.

The home wireless network owner can also allow trusted friends and relatives to connect their own computers to the internet while they are visiting. For instance, visiting adult children who bring their own computers along can have the convenience of internet access for their personal computers without any hassle. The visitor can use his own email program on his own computer to communicate, or he can connect to the internet to work, search, play games, or read without using any of the homeowner’s computers.

The advent of the wireless network for home use is certainly a positive example of how technological advances can improve life. Although the disadvantages of the wired computer were ignored by most people because of the fascination and usefulness of computers and the internet, the wireless solutions that are now available are definitely a welcome, positive advance in computer usage.

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