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Was Tiger Woods responsible for lowering the percentage that professional caddies get paid?


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I don't understand your question. Each Caddie negotiates his salary with his player independently. The two of them decide on a base salary, responsibilities, percentage of winnings, etc.


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The caddies for the players in the Ryder Cup are the ones they use week to week on the professional tours.

It depends on what the golfer wants to pay. Most caddies do get 10% of the winners purse.

It would depend on the contract they have

A golfer's assistant is called a caddy. A caddy is paid by golfer. Most professional golfers have caddies.

Yes, they probably do have one written into their contracts. This would probably inlcude things like living and general expenses. The caddies would most likely have this just incase their player does not have a good tournament, as caddies get a percentage of their players winnings.

They could do, and you do see it on some professional tours. The only reason you don't see it on the PGA and European tours is because there are so many spectators who make it logistically impossible.

Luggage caddies - but you may need a euro to unlock one

Up until 1983, all players were supplied caddies by Augusta National. From 1983 they were allowed to bring their own. They are the caddies who would caddy for the players on a week to week basis on tour.

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A staff bag is a golf bag like the ones Professional golfers have their caddies carry for them. They usually have a lot of pockets and a 9.5 or 10.5 inch top.

The plural is caddies.

Tiger Woods' current caddy is Steve Williams. At the start of his professional career, he was caddied by Mike 'Fluff' Cowan. Those two gentlemen have been his only caddies during his professional career. However, at the President's Cup tournament played at the end of September, 2007 he will be caddied by Billy Foster, who is currently Darren Clarke's caddy. Steve Willliams is going to be in New Zealand at that time awaiting the birth of his child.

PGA caddies don't use pull carts because pull carts ruin the grass.

The plural form of caddy is caddies.

The plural of caddy is caddies.

No, only some professional golfers use them. They aren't allowed to use them during tournament play, but even so only some of the golfers use them. Most use their caddies on a daily basis to develop a better relationship.

10% of the golfers profit

Christmas tea caddies can be bought online, like most other things. However, if they are in season they can be bought in stores such as Pier One or Bed Bath and Beyond.

The number of golf courses that offer caddies in the United States are too numerous to mention. Generally, this type of service will be found at private clubs and prestigious public clubs.

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It's based on a sliding scale. Most caddies get $1k per week plus expenses. On average, they get paid 10 percent if their player wins. . . .6% for top 5. .. . 4% thereafter.

I work as a golf caddie at Pebble Beach.

Mk1s are übercool, period. Caddies especially so...

They can, but they would have to check if it is permitted by the rules of the competition they are playing in.

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