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she herself considered herself as a good christian but by the public she was not. she was said to practice a witch religion.

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What ultimatum is tituba given?

Tituba is allowed to live if she names the people she has seen with the Devil and if she becomes a saved Christian.

Was Mary warren regarded by the community as a good Christian?

Yes, Mary Warren was regarded as a good Christian. The court thought highly of her as she took the position and role in applying her knowledge to seek witches.

Was Mercy Lewis regarded as a good Christian?

no she was considered a devil worshiper

How does Hale lead Tituba into naming names?

Hale introduces the God into conversation to allow Tituba to open up and tell him everything. He tells Tituba, if she really is a Christian, she should name other witches.

Which Roman Emperor was regarded as the founder of the Christian Empire?

Which Roman emperor was regarded as the founder of the Christian Empire?

Who was tituba and why was she accused?


Was tituba a good or bad person?

Tituba was not a bad person, she was a victim. An enslaved black girl. The people who enslaved her and others were in fact the bad people.

Who does tituba accuse?

In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, Tituba accuses Goody Good and Goody Osburn of being involved in witchcraft. She said that the devil came to her at night and that Goody Good and Goody Osburn were with him.

What was tituba?

Tituba is the name of the slave from "The Crucible"

Who did Tituba accuse of being a witch?

Sarah good & Sarah osbourne

Who says she saw Sarah Good and Goody Osburn with the devil?


How old is Tituba in the book The Crucible?

tituba is in her early 30s

Why does Reverend Hale question Tituba?

- tituba was accused of witchcraft so he had to question her. - tituba is from the island of barbados and at that itme, witchraft was common there. ~amelia

How old was Tituba in 1692?

That's a good question. I have been reading the Crucible in class, but since Tituba was a slave they wouldn't have kept records of her age, but I'm assuming anywhere from 25-35

When was Tituba of Salem Village created?

Tituba of Salem Village was created in 1955.

Why does tituba accuse goody good and goody osburn of witchcraft?

To try to keep herself out of trouble

When was tituba born?

Tituba was born in an Arawak village in South America sometime in the 1600s.

How many pages does Tituba of Salem Village have?

Tituba of Salem Village has 272 pages.

What does the Bible say about a Christian woman marrying a Jewish man?

The Jewish law regarded the taking of a Christian wife as an religious offense.

Why does Hale believe Abigail rather than Tituba in The Crucible?

Hale believes Abigail over Tituba because 1.) Tituba was one of the first people accused of being a witch in Salem. 2.) Tituba is black and there is a large racial discrimination.

Was Sarah Good regarded as a good christian?

hi I'm Sarah I'm sorry to disturb annoy you and totally annoy you but I'm called Sarah Good does that mean i have bad luck or something and have you tried looking it up on google or wikianswers.

How did the slave Tituba avoid being hung?

Tituba recanted her story. She was not hung.

What does tituba accuse of being a witch by the book the crucible by arthur miller?

Sarah Osburn and Sarah Good

Why have Tituba and Sarah Good and others confessed to witchcraft in The Crucible by Arthur Miller?

They did it to avoid the death penalty.

Is Erik Estrada a Christian?

Erik Estrada is reported to be Roman Catholic. The Roman Catholic Church is regarded as the world's largest Christian church.