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Major General William T. Sherman was a leader fighting for the North or Union side.

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William T. Sherman was on the Union or Northern side.

William Sherman had lived in Mississippi, but had joined the Uniom Army and became the second most important general on that side.

General Sherman was an officer for the Union (Federal) army.

he was on the confederate side, or the south side.

Sherman through the south. He was Union.

the south side completely lost the north defeated them sorry confederacy but

Think... about the American (US) map. Is Kansas on the North side? or South? No, it's not on the North side, it is on the South.

He was against slavery, because he was on the union side. The union side was against slavery.

he was on the north side he was on the north side

William Tecumseh Sherman lived from 1820 to 1891. He was a general for the Union Army during the Civil War.

William T. Sherman was against slavery because he was on the Union side. The Union side was against slavery. When the Confederate side was for slavery. So since Sherman's on the Union side, he was against it.

it's on the south side

70ft on the South side and 60ft 4in on the North side

No, the north side of a magnet only attracts to the south side of another magnet.

In most cases, red will be the north and blue, the south.

The Union. At the outbreak of war, he was an instructor at a military college in Louisiana, and had made many friends in the South. With great reluctance he headed back North to re-join the army, dreading the prospect of having to live apart from his wife and young family.

The Union army was the North, and the Confederate army was the South.

It started on the south side but when they meet, they cross over toward the north side.

Cameroon sides with South Korea in the North and South Korea conflict.

The north side of a magnet attracts AND repels. It attracts the south side of magnets and repels the north side of other magnets.

He was on the Confederacy, or the south.

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