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Woodrow Wilson

Was Woodrow Wilson part of the allies or axis in world war 1?


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Woodrow Wilson was part of the allies during ww1 he was the President of the United States and the united states were on the allies side

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The allies wanted an unconditional surrender from the axis.

Allies vs AxisAnswerthe us, brits, and russia where the allies and Germany, Italy, and the Japanese where the axis..... hence the axis and allies....

Allies in World War II

Countries like Italy and France fought for both sides over the course of the war (1939-1945). Smaller countries were allied with one side or the other at different times. The Soviet Union was basically allied with Germany early in the war, but the SU became allied with the western allies when Hitler invaded the SU in 1942.

Allies - USA, UK USSR and France Axis - Germany, Italy and Japan

the axis powersjapan's allies in world war 2 where the Germans and the italys they where called the axis powers

The Allies won. Strange question.

He was Germany's leader, therefore Axis.

The allies had more navy and air force and the axis had more military

Stalin was basically on the German's side when the war began in 1939. He made a deal with Hitler to divide up Poland between Germany and the Soviet Union. Pursuant to their agreement, both countries invaded Poland in September 1939. The French and British reacted by declaring war on Germany, but not the SU. Stalin became an ally of the Western Allies when Hitler double-crossed him and invaded Russia in 1941.

During WWII, Germany was on the Axis.

For axis they fought us.Duh. Allies were the ones who helped us with ammition,tanks,etc.

The Allies and The Axis Powers.

The Allied Forces in World War 2 had more allies than the Axis did.

The Allies persevered over Axis forces .

Axis & AlliesThe terms "Axis" and "Allies" refer to World War II, not World War I. There were many, many countries on each side, but the principal nations were: Axis -- Germany, Italy, JapanAllies -- USA, Britain, RussiaAxis & AlliesAxis: Allies:~Germany ~Great Britain~Italy ~France~Japan ~Russia~Finland ~USA~Slovenia ~China~Hungary ~Poland~Manchkuo ~Australia~Romania ~New Zealand~Thailand ~South Africa~Persia ~India~The Netherlands~Czechoslovakia~Belguim~Denmark~Norway~Soviet UnionHope that helps! :)

Allies: Soviet Union (Russia) and United States, both became superpowers after World War 2 Axis: Nazi Germany

The Axis were- Germany, Japan, and Italy The Allies were- America, Britan, Soviets,Chinese,French and the Australians. Thanks for the question.

Allies: M1 Garand, Thompson sub machine gun Axis: Kar 98K, Mp40

The allies didn't "arrive." They were the first and only enemy of the Axis, the alliance of all countries against Hitler and the Axis.

The allies were on every continent; the axis were only on two.

Yes, Japan was allies with the Axis countries, which were Germany and Italy.

Japan as on the Axis side during WWII.

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