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Was World War 2 fought all over the world or only in a few countries?


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It was fought mostly in Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and Fascist Italy. There were no land battles in Japan's home islands. A lot of fighting took place in Russia. The Germans advanced through Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. Then the Allies pushed them back through the same countries. There were probably more battles in France than any other country.


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The United States has fought in World War One and World War Two, the only two world wars so far.

World War 1 was fought by Russia, the U.S., Canada, France, and Britain against Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary. The only one of these countries with a president was the U.S., with Woodrow Wilson. World War 2 was fought by the U.S., Britain, France, and Poland against Germany, Japan, and the Soviet Union. Again, the only one of these countries with a president was the U.S., with Franklin Roosevelt.

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There has not yet been a third world war. Only two world wars have been fought.

If you are asking what countries fought in both wars, Great Britain, France, United States, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Japan, Australia, Hungary, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia, Greece...this is I'm sure only a few of the many countries that fought in both WWI and WWII but it gives you a good idea of which countries fought in both wars.

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The Axis fought the Allies. The Allies were many countries, some of which were only involved for part of the war. Chief amongst the Allies were Great Britain, her Empire and Commonwealth, the USSR, the USA and France. But the Axis countries also fought countries such as Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Thailand (it was called Siam then), China, Greece etc. So World War Two was truly a world war.

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