Was able to rekindle a flame?

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What does it mean if you ex calls you to have lunch with him after three years?

That he probaly wants to rekindle the flame that you once had.

How do you rekindle an old flame?

You do so by showing the person how much of a change you are. People love change.

Should you try to rekindle an old flame?

That would really be up to you but remember why they are an old flame to begin with and ask yourself if your willing to put yourself in that position again.

Should you be worried if your boyfriend and his ex are still very close?

Yes you should, as the old flame could rekindle again.

What is used to rekindle the olympic torch?

what signific rekindle

How is rekindle used in a sentence?

To rekindle something is to bring it back to life. An example sentence would be: They went on a date to rekindle their love.

How do you use the word rekindle in a sentence?

i will rekindle the fire when we get up in the morning.

What is a sentence using rekindle?

A nice, relaxing second honeymoon will rekindle the flames of our love, sweetie! Please rekindle the fire before the weather worsens.

What happens every night at the Arc de Triomphe?

There is a ceremony, held everyday since Nov. 11, 1923, to rekindle the Eternal Flame marking the grave of the Unknown Soldier.

What is the antonym of rekindle?

blow out

Is diamond flame able?

Diamond will burn.

When a high mass star collapes why doesnt it rekindle?

Because all the material that could rekindle it has run out - there is none left.

What does it mean if no color is produced in a flame test?

The elements contained in this molecule are not able to give a color in the flame.

How can you rekindle your psychic abilities?


Where is the Rekindle The Spirit in Canton Pennsylvania located?

The address of the Rekindle The Spirit is: Po Box 243, Canton, PA 17724-0243

Why is the middle part of the flame hottest?

Around a flame is the atmosphere, which is cooler. The part of a flame able to get the hottest, then, is the part in the middle that is most protected from the outside cold, so the middle part of the flame is hottest.

What rhymes with spindle?

Brindle, kindle, rekindle.

How does a woman know if a man wants to rekindle a relationship which he ended?

If he's hanging about, and always looking for reasons to be hanging about, then he probably wants to rekindle things.

Is flammability a chemical property that tells whether a substance reacts to the presence of carbon dioxide?

no. flame-ability able to produce flame

Can you confuse the need for closure as a desire to rekindle?


What is the word firefighters do not want to hear?

rekindle hahahah no

Are we able to see the flame clerly from a step away with Bunsen burner?


What does rekindle mean?

To restart something that has died down or faded.

Prefixes with re?

Reform Reproduce Rekindle redo rewrite

Why is a blue Bunsen burner flame better than a yellow flame?

A blue Bunsen burner flame is not necessarily "better". A yellow Bunsen burner flame just shows that it is on, but is usually too big to actually be able to heat something safely. Blue means the flame is smaller (though hotter), and is used to heat.