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Was appeasement a mistake in World War 2?


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Some historians contend it didn't go far enough, others will tell you that it caused WWII.


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Yes it was a mistake because it caused world war 2

Appeasment was giving into agression to avoid war

The policy of appeasement contributed to the start of World War 2. When the allied countries gave in to Hitler's first demands it encouraged him to try for more.

Prior to World War II, Britain tried a strategy of appeasement with Hitler. It didn't work, and Hitler ended up taking Austria and Czechoslovakia.

appeasement before world war 2Britain and France was after WWII but Britain and Germany before WWIIAnsweri only know two countries that held an appeasement before war broke out in 1939. these two countries are BRITAIN and GERMANY. i hope that this has helped you with your reasearch.

Before world war 2 when Germany was violating the Treaty of Versaillies and taking over other countries, Britain and France, the other two powers in Europe, employed appeasement to keep out of a war they were not ready for.

because it was following a policy of appeasement

United States did not want to get into World War II. We were forced in to it by the attack of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.

Appeasement did not really lead to the outbreak of World War 2 in the European Theater. The Nazis had already planned on invading nations so the appeasement and the non-aggression pacts were all merely a joke to the Nazis.

the appeasement was popular up to 1938 because that was when Hitler took over Poland and that was when world war 2 began!

Appeasement postponed WWII for a year or so.

It is possible that it encouraged increased demands, a "pushing the envelope" syndrome.

Appeasement postponed WW II for a year or so.

Invasion of the USSR was Hitler's biggest mistake.

They didn't, it was Germany who started it. The US and Britain had the policy of appeasement which led to the escalation of the War.

england n france to [ hopefully ] keep the "dogs of war" at bay

It didn't work in WWII, because it has never worked. It never will. If you give in to the aggressor via appeasement, it only emboldens them to desire more.

It was the policy of giving something or some things to someone or a group to get something, for example, to prevent war. In the years before World War 2, the policy of appeasement failed miserably. Nothing it did helped.

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