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Was apple's decision to use Intel processors which allow the computer to run either Apple or windows operating system awise choice why?

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October 12, 2010 5:25PM

Apple's decision to use Intel had a considerable effect on driving down their manufacturing costs, thanks to Intel's larger market share and efficiency creating chips. From that financial aspect, it had a direct positive effect on the bottom line by increasing their margins on each sale.

To protect themselves against people installing OS X on their own hardware, Apple uses a dedicated microchip that only they can put into the computer. OS X checks for the chip when it boots up, and if the chip is missing, then the system has a kernel panic and refuses to load. This protection is possible to work around by changing core files within the operating system, but this requires technical knowledge that is well beyond the vast majority of users' ability to use.

As for installing Windows on a mac, Apple isn't worried. Indeed, they offer software to let users do so. Apple's goal is to sell premium-priced hardware. They have come to understand that some software will never come to mac because there's too few users for the original developer to make money by creating a mac version.

Iif Apple has to choose between losing the hardware sale and users using Windows, they'll always prefer to make the sale. From this aspect, Apple certainly captured some business users by making it easy to run old windows software on the Intel macs. Also, the company is confident that users will prefer the user interface of OS X, so they don't see a serious threat of users using Windows instead. Beyond that, mac has a certain "cool" factor that makes many of their users very brand loyal. With the wide use of the iPhone, iPod and iPad, this becomes even more true over time.