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No, The king of the gods was Amon-Ra

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Q: Was atum the ancient Egyptian god king of all gods?
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Related questions

Who was the Egyptian king?

atum was the king of the Egyptian because he was the first person on Egypt

What was narmers relationship to the Egyptian gods?

Narmer was a ancient Egyptian king, so a priest and warrior of the gods and goddesses he worshiped.

Who was the first ever ancient Egyptian god?

Ra the king of Egyptian gods (1st)

Who were the 2 chief gods of the ancient Egyptian religion?

Ra and Horus were king gods.

Who in the world is Ra?

Ra was the king of the Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.

Who is the ancient Egyptian sun god?

the ancient Egyptian sun god was Ra. he was the king of all the gods. he balanced chaos and order.Ra

Was Zeus a part of ancient Egyptian religion?

Zeus was the King of the Gods in Greek mythology, not Egyptian. The Egyptian ruler god was arguably the Sun God, Ra.

Who is the egyptian god of gods?

Amun was the King of Gods

What was the relationship between the Egyptian king and the gods?

Egyptian kings along with every other Egyptian worshiped gods, although Egyptian kings, or pharos were considered low leveled gods.

Who is the king of gods?

In Ancient Greece, Zeus is the king of gods. In Ancient Rome, his name is Jupiter

How do Heiroglypics relate to King Tutankhamun?

hierogliphics are how the ancient Egyptian language was written and king tut was ancient Egyptian.....

Was Amun the king of gods?

It is probably pronounced as Amen-Ra but he was the king of the Egyptian gods,until he was forced to the heavens.

What god did the Egyptian people think the pharaoh was the son of son of god?

Ancient Egyptians believed the pharaoh was the reincarnation of Ra or the son of Ra, their sun god, and the king of all gods in Egyptian mythology.

Was King Tutankhamun a muslim?

No king tut lived some 3000 years ago and islam was found 1400 years ago. No he worshipped ancient egyptian gods. Sorry if my answer is long (: xxx

What did the ancient Egyptian god Ra represnent?

Ra is the 'God of Gods' or 'King of Gods' He represents life that the sun gives, and the journey that it makes across the sky. He also represents fatherhood and leadership.

King of gods in Egyptian mythology?


In Egyptian mythology who was the king of gods?


Who was King Tutankhamun and why was he powerful?

he was the youngest Egyptian king at 18 and he was and there Pharaoh were said to be descended from the gods this being said they belived tutankhamen was descended from the god isis the queen of the Egyptian gods

Is amon ra and Apollo disame?

No, Amon-Ra is the Ancient Egyptian king of gods, and Apollo is the Greek god of prophecy, music, healing, and sometimes other stuff.

Who in ancient Egypt was the king of all gods?

The king of all gods was Rae the god of the sun.

Why are pyramids important to Egyptian religion?

Everything in Egyptian religion and mythology is rooted in function. The ancient Egyptians were not naive or primitive in thought. They used myths in their cultic texts (i.e. Pyramid texts, Coffin texts and the Book of the Dead). Egyptians used these myths as metaphysical word pictures to better understand the ultimate reality of the universe they experienced daily. The pyramids had a functional purpose in that they did not only house the mummy of the dead king (typically), but the pyramid plays a key role in the Egyptian understanding of the afterlife. The spells written on the king's sarcophagus, inner chamber walls, etc. are there to insure the king of safe passage through Duat, the underworld, with Re/Atum/Ptah (i.e. the first self-creating god by which all the other gods emerged from) each night through Nut's (the sky) stomach. The dead king would be with Atum as he traversed the underworld in a boat fighting his archenemy Apophis, the serpent like creature. Osiris, ruler of the dead, would renew the dead king and Re/Atum's strength through the night. The goal was for the dead king to be born anew each morning with the rising of the sun. The sun (i.e. the god Re/Atum/Ptah) came out of Nut's crotch/uterus each morning to cross the sky and enter Nut's mouth in the west again to go through the cycle of death and rebirth each day. The pyramids represent the Benben hillrock/landmass that is always associated with the self-creating god rising out of the waters of chaos in Egyptian religion at the beginning of creation. Thus, the pyramid itself represents the land mass coming out of the chaos waters of creation within the use of the metaphor. This is the function of the pyramid for ancient Egypt as it played a role in depicting the first few moments of creation on a daily basis.

What was the Egyptian king called?

They were called pharaohs. They were considered gods.

Who did the ancient Greeks beliecve the king of gods was?

Zeus was the King of the Gods, the ruler of the skies, he controlled the weather.

What is Tutankamun?

Tutankhamen is an Ancient Egyptian Mummy now. But, he wasan Ancient Egyptian King, the 12th in the 18th Dynasty.

What religions were there in ancient Egypt?

Ancient Egyptian religion was a complex system of polytheistic beliefs and rituals which was an integral part of ancient Egyptian society. It centered on the Egyptians' interaction with a multitude of deities who were believed to be present in, and in control of, the forces and elements of nature. The myths about these gods were meant to explain the origins and behavior of the forces they represented, and the practices of Egyptian religion were efforts to provide for the gods and gain their favor.Formal religious practice centered on the pharaoh, the king of Egypt. Although he was a human, the pharaoh was believed to be descended from the Marc Frederich libo-on