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Big Ben is a bell not a church...?

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Big Ben was never a church. It's a bell.

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Q: Was big ben a Gothic church?
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What was the style of architecture used for big ben?

Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower) was built in the Gothic style.

Is big ben a gothic building?

Not exactly but it is built in the Gothic style. Right, it is designed in the Gothic Style and interestingly the Westminster palace beside it is the Gothic buidling.

What is a Gothic Church?

It is an church in an gothic artichecture style.

Is big ben a church?

no, it is a tower clock

When was Pioneer Gothic Church created?

Pioneer Gothic Church was created in 1857.

How did christian church affect art in the middle ages?

Gothic people made big churches.

Who designed Parliament and Big Ben?

Sir Charles Barry aided aided by the Gothic architect Augustus Pugin

What Victorian features does big ben have?

The style of the tower is Gothic. The Victorian architect Augustus Pugin styled the tower.

Was the roman catholic church a gothic cathedral?

There were many Gothic Style Cathedrals in the Catholic Church.

Where does the Gothic religion have their place of worship?


What did the gothic in Motueka NZ used to be?

the wonderful gothic used to be a church where people could get married.

How did the famous clock Big Ben get its name?

Big ben is actualty the name of the bell that strikes the hours. The tune of the quarters peal is called "Westminster Chimes" although it originated in a church in Cambridge. Big Ben is synonymous as the Great Bell, the Clock and the Tower in which it is encased. Big Ben is actually named after Sir Benjamin Hall, a politician of the time.

Is it true that Big Ben in London still called Big Ben?

Yes, Big Ben is still called Big Ben.

What is big ben in french?

Big Ben !

What has the author David Morris Gillerman written?

David Morris Gillerman has written: 'The Gothic church of San Fortunato in Todi (Volumes I and II)' -- subject(s): Architecture, Gothic, Gothic Architecture, San Fortunato (Church : Todi, Italy)

What are some characteristics of gothic furniture?

There are a few key characteristics of Gothic furniture: they are ornate and decorated with the styles associated with Gothic or church architecture such as quatrefoil and trefoil shapes.

When was Big Ben rebuilt?

Big Ben was not rebuilt.

How large is Big Ben?

how tall is big ben

Which church is regarded as starting the Gothic style?

St. Denis

Where is situated Big Ben?

the big ben is situated in London.

What does Big Ben have inside?

Big Ben is actually the bell in the clock tower. So, Big Ben has a clapper in it.

What was Big Ben for?

Big Ben is a clock and a tourist site.

Where is Big Ben in Texas?

Big Ben is in London, England.

Where did big ben live?

big Ben lives in london.

What day did big ben open?

when did big ben open