Was coca cola made with a drug?

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Is coca-cola a drug?

The first cola drinks in the late 1800s did have drugs in them. That is where the name, "Coca" came from in 'Coca Cola'. They soon went to a non-drug recipe.

What drug was orignally in Coca-Cola?


What is a Coca-Cola can made from?

The coca-cola can is made of aluminium

How do you say coke in German?

Coca Cola = Coca Cola or eine Cola Coke (fuel or drug) = Koks

Is coca-cola addictive?

yes, but it has NO drug in it. It wouldn't be legal if it did. Caffiene in Coca Cola makes it addictive ^^ caffeine is a drug.

What drink was once made with an illegal drug?

suprisingly Coca Cola, containing cocaine

Who invented Coca-Cola and why was it called Coca-Cola?

The Coca plant and kola nutJohn S. Pemberton made Coca-Cola and "Coca" is for Coca plant (caffeine) and "Cola" is for the Kola pant (cocaine). They change the "K" to a "C" for advertising.note: when "Coca-Cola" was frist made it was made with Cocaine but was taken out in 1903 by Asa Candlerthe inventor of coca cola was "Dr.John Pembert".

Which is older Coca-Cola or Pepsi-Cola?

Coca-Cola was first made in 1885 and Pepsi-Cola was made in the 1890's

What drug was orriginaly in Coca Cola?


Who created Coca-Cola?

Headline= Coca-Cola. Question made/created Coca-Cola? Answer=John Pemberton When=The late 19th century Why= The reason is why John created/made Coca-Cola is because to help headaches

What are the variants of Coca-Cola?

16 kinds. Coca-Cola, Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Cherry, Coca-Cola with Lemon, Coca-Cola Vanilla, Coca-Cola C2, Coca-Cola Raspberry, Coca-Cola Zero, Coca-Cola M5, Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla, Coca-Cola Blāk, Coca-Cola Citra, Coca-Cola Light Sango, Coca-Cola Orange.

Who made coca cola?

dr pembeltonJohn Pemberton created Coca-Cola

How many types of coca-cola?

There are many types of coca cola, some only found in certain countries. I recently did a project on coca cola. here are all the types i know: Coca Cola Caffeine free Coca Cola Coca Cola cherry Coca Cola with lemon Coca Cola vanilla Coca Cola C2 Coca Cola with lime Coca Cola rasberry Coca Cola zero Coca Cola M5 Coca Cola black cherry vanilla Coca Cola black Coca Cola citrus Coca Cola light sango Coca Cola orange and finally Coca Cola diet hope i helped!

What is Coca Cola made out of?

its a secret recipe how can you want to no its gross!!! seriously you do not want to know!!

What drug is in coca-cola?

None, anymore. The caffeine can be considered a mild stimulant.

Process of Coca-Cola is made?

In the Coca-Cola Factory. More details please?

Why is coco-cola pop called ''Coca-Cola''?

because it was first made with cocoa beans which was the main ingredient and cola was the type of sode so it was named Coca-Cola

What drug did Coca-Cola include in its ingredients?


Where is Coca-Cola made?

Coca-Cola is bottled in plants worldwide. But it was first made and its company is in Atlanta, Georgia

What does coca cola abbreviation stand for?

It is not an abreviation. Coca - as in the coca plant which cocain is made from Cola - as in the black-brown soft drink

Who made the Coca-Cola?

Coca-Cola was invented by a man named John S. Pemberton on May 8th 1886.

What city was Coca-Cola made in?

Coca-Cola was invented in a candy store in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Is Dr pepper owned by coca cola?

Yes, Dr Pepper is made or 'owned' by Coca-Cola

Who made Powerade?


What is the pH of Coca Cola?

AnswerCoca Cola has pH of 2.52 Coca Cola classic has the pH of a regular coca cola.

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