Cole and Dylan Sprouse
Full House (TV Series)

Was cole and Dylan Sprouse on full house?

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No, they were not on Full House. Read the beginning names. They did look like them though!:)

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Did cole and Dylan sprouts play on full house?

No the Sprouse twins (Cole and Dylan Sprouse) did not appear on Full House.

Were Dylan and Cole Sprouse on Full House?

no they were not!

Who were the two twins on full house?

Not Dylan and Cole Sprouse

What are Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse Full name?

cole mitchell sprouse and Dylan thomas sprouse

What is Dylan sporuses full name?

It is Dylan Thomas Sprouse. Cole's is: Cole Mitchell Sprouse

Was Cole and Dylan Sprouse on Full House when they were little?

No, in fact they did not. The Katsopolis twins were played by Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit. ----

What is Dylan Sprouse's full name?

The Sprouse brothers parents changed there names to what we say,"cooler" names, but there "biological" names are Reginald Dyllford Sprouse(Dylan) and Rykland Coleman Sprouse (Cole) THE BEST ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION IS DYLAN'S FULL NAME IS: DYLAN THOMAS SPROUSE AND COLE IS COLE MICHEL SPROUSE

Did Cole and Dylan Sprouse play the twins on full house?

No, the twins on Full House were played by twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

What is Dylan last name?

Dylans full name is Dylan Thomas Sprouse and his brother Cole's is Cole Mitchell Sprouse.

What are Dylan and coles full names?

Dylan Thomas Sprouse and Cole Mitchell Sprouse and Dylan is Zack on the Suite life of Zack and Cody and the suite life on deck

What is Dylan Sprouse full name?

Dylan Thomas Sprouse.

Are the twins on full house Nicki and alex the same twins on sweet life of Zack and Cody Zack and Cody?

Yes they are. Their names are Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

Was Dylan and Cole Sprouse's on full house?

No they were on Disney channel shows never full house

Were cole and Dylan nicky and alex from full house?

I went online to see what cool stuff they had about Full House and it looked like Dylan and Cole Sprouse. So did they play in some episodes? I love them so much because they are so cute and I was born on there Birth-Day! So did they play the babies when they were a couple months old? Nikki and Alex were born in 1992 and that was when Dylan and Cole Sprouse was born, and came to the United States because they were born in Italy! I also did research and the twin boys off of full house were not the same boys as the boys off of the Suite Life on Deck, a show on Disney Channel. The boys off of Full House's names are Blake and Dylan Tuomy Wilhoit. They were born in 1990 in Los Angeles, California. Dylan and Blake stopped their careers after Full House's series finale was finished. The boys off of the Suite Life on Deck, a show on Disney Channel's names are Dylan and Cole Sprouse. They were born in 1992 in Italy....Dylan and Cole actually played Ben, Ross' son in Friends.

What is Dylan Sprouses full name?

his full name is Dylan Thomas Sprouse.

What is Cole Sprouse's full name?

Cole Mitchell Sprouse

What is Cole linley full name?

Cole Mitchell Sprouse

Is there any movies starring Cole and Dylan Sprouse?

yes loads: Big daddy Just for kicks Kings of appletown there is a full list on imdb

Where cole and Dylan sprouse uncle Jesse's twins?

If you are referring to Full House, then no they did not play Uncle Jesse's twin boys. They shared the role of Grace's youngest son Patrick on the sitcom Grace Under Fire. Uncle Jesse's boys were played by Blake and Dylan Tuomy Wilhoit. Hope that helps.

Who plays on the suit life on deck?

Dylan and Cole sprouse, Brenda song, Phil Lewis, Debby ryan, Doc Shaw, Zoey Deutch ... for full list visit

What are facts about Cole and Dylan Sprouse?

Fact File Full Name: Dylan Thomas Sprouse. Nickname: Dyl, Lumpkin. DOB: 8/4/1992. Starsign: Leo. Parent Names: Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Wright. Religion: Christian. Nationality: American/Italian. Ethnicity: Dutch,Cherokee-Native, and German. Fact List His first name(Dylan) is a Welsh name. His mid name (Thomas) is a Greek name. His last name(Sprouse) is a Dutch surame He is 15 minutes older than Cole He was born in Arezzo, Italy. Fact File Full Name: Cole Mitchell Sprouse. Nickname: UNKOWN. DOB: 8/4/1992 POB: Arezzo, Italy. Starsign: Leo. Parents: Matthew Sprouse, Melanie Wright. Religion: Christian. Nationality:American/Italian Ethnicity: Dutch,Cherokee,German Fact List His middle name is Celtic.

Who is Cole Sprouse?

Cole Sprouse is an actor who plays Cody Martin in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck on Disney Channel. Full Name: Cole Mitchell Sprouse Date of Birth: August 4th, 1992 (age 17) Place of Birth: Arezzo Tuscany, Italy Height: 5'7½ (1.71 m) Star Sign: Leo Chinese Horoscope Sign: Monkey Parents: Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Sprouse Sibling: Twin Brother of Dylan Thomas Sprouse Hobbies: Plays guitar and snowboarding Instruments: Guitar and bass Favorite Food: Pasta and shrimp scampi Favorite Color: Red Favorite Ice Cream:

What is zacks name from suit life?

The Full character name is Zack Martin, the actor is Dylan Sprouse.

Who played Alex on Full House?

Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit played Alex on Full House.

How old is Blake and Dylan tuomy?

Today in 2012 Dylan and Blake from full house are 20.