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In the initial years, the flow of volunteers was high enough to fill the needs of the growing Canadian Army, Navy, and Air Force. At a certain point it was realised that once the Army, in particular, got into heavy combat, the existing troop levels would not be enough to supply re-inforcements for the dead and wounded. There was also the need to provide home security in Canada, so a full division was to be kept at home, throughout the war. The response from English Canada was overwhelming in terms of voulunteers, not so in Quebec, where there were a FEW units of French speakers raised, such as the Sherbrooke regiment, the Maisoneuves, Three Rivers Tanks, and The Van Doos. The majority of French speaking males did not respond to calls for volunteers, so conscription was implemented. The result? Thousands of Quebec males went into hiding, in the bush. Many worked under false names, in war plants, happy to make "big money" and get lots of overtime, but un-willing to actually risk their life for the country. The re-inforcement shortage started in Italy, where many wounded men were rushed back from the hospital to the fighting, before they were properly healed. By the winter of 43/44 the Canadian First Infantry Divison was down to 50 percent of normal strength in all its infantry units, and in some armoured units it was only 30 percent of normal. That meant that attacks went in with only half as many men as normal, and in some cases, units were close to being completely eliminated, in combat, due to a lack of manpower to hold a newly captured onjective. After D-Day, in June,1944, the Second Divison was starting to also be ground down thru the bitter fighting in Normandy. The rates of loss were accelerated by the nature of the geography, which was small fields surrounded by tall hedges, which were fought for one after the other. Heavy loses, day after day, all through the summer, and into the fall. And all the time, over 100,000 trained men were sitting on their asses in Canada, because McKenzie King had made the foolish promise that they could "sign up for home service only" and never have to go overseas unless they volunteered to go. What a slap in the face for those Canadians who HAD voulunteered, and were now fighting in Europe, with fewer and fewer men to do the job? No wonder the "Home Service Only " men were known as Zombies, by the fighting troops. In the end a very samll number, 13,000 actually signed to go overseas, but it was too few, and too LATE. Less than 2,000 of the Zombies actually got to a fighting area, before the war ended, in May , 1945.

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Q: Was conscription necessary in Canada during World War 2 and why?
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Why was conscription necessary during World War 2 for Canada?

Canada was a British Territory and all British Territories were subject to conscription into their own army.

How did Canadians feel about the conscritpion in World War 1?

Conscription in Canada during the First World War was highly controversial, and many disagreed with it passionately, and some, violently. In Canada, this is referred to as the Conscription Crisis of 1917.

Can anyone tell me 3 reasons why conscription was necessary for Canada in World War II?

because we needed more soldiers...

Peoplegroups that opposed conscription in World War I?

who opposed (argued against) conscription in Australia during world war 1 and why? who opposed (argued against) conscription in Australia during world war 1 and why?

Why was conscription necessary and unnecessary in Canada during World War 2?

Conscription was necessary in the sense that Canada needed to conscript soilders in order to have a big enough army as the allied forces. Canad's army was whitering down therfore they needed more members to be in the army. Prime minister Mackenzie King created the NRMA which conscripted soilders to provide defense on the homefront. This outraged Francaphones however please anglaphones.

What caused Canada to institute conscription during World War 2?

Canada instituted Conscsription during WWII because ther were so many casualties over seas that more soldiers were needed and conscription was the only way to get enough soldiers overseas so that Germany was defeated

What are the similarities and differences of conscription in Canada during World War I and 2?

French Canadians were against the idea of conscription in both world war 1 and 2. There were more volunteers during world war 1 than WW2 so the debate of conscription was not as heated during that time. Near the end of WW2, conscripts in BC refused to go and held riots protesting Mackenzie King's decision of ensuing conscription. During WW1, Prime Minister Borden promised there would be no conscription and as well in WW2 Mackenzie King had also made that promise. Both conscription debates were revolved around the shortage of soldiers over seas. The issue of conscription divided the nation during WW1 and WW2.

When did Canada officially start conscription during World War 1?

29 August 1917, with the passing of the Military Service Act.

What was conscription during world war 1?

The draft.

How did conscription affect Canada?

I believe that conscription had a huge impact on Canada. It made Canada a middle power and without it Canadians and other people all around the world could be under shadow of German military today.

What was the conscription rate for Australia for World War 1?

Australia didn't have conscription during WWI; it was first used in the Vietnam War.

What are similarities and differences in conscription in World War 1 and 2?

Conscription in which country? I know in Canada it was a bit of a...touchy issue at the time. So yeah, if you could specify that would be great.

When did Canada begin conscription in World War 2?

Canada voted for concsription in 1942. The English voted for it and the french voted against. Although a plebiscite was held to allow conscription in Canada in 1942, men were not actually sent overseas until 1945. A total of 63% of Canadians voted for conscription however King held off until things got even worse. == ==

What happened to conscription in Australia during World War 1?

The age of entry was lowered

Which countries used conscription in World War 1 and which countries didn't?

I definitely know that Canada was one of the Countries that did.

Did Germany use conscription during world war 1?

yes Geramny did use conscription during WW1. in Germany conscription had already been enforced and was a normal part of Germany's way of recruitment procedures. men were normally and regularily taken in for active service and trained.

How did conscription divide Canadians during World War 2?

Conscription essentially divided the French and the English of Canada. Basically the French refused to fight and the English were getting tired of making up the ranks. Canada needed more soldiers and since the French refused to fight, the government imposed conscription. So much for Viva la France! Ps Ever wonder why France won't recognize Quebec's claim to sovereignty? Now you know!

What did people have to do to become a soldier in World War 1?

Conscription did not eventuate in Australia during WW1, although it was discussed. If you wanted to be a soldier, you went to the nearest army office and volunteered, and lied about your age if necessary.

What was conscription and what was its impact on Canada and Canadians in World War 2?

Conscription is when the government forces men and women to go to war with out any kind of choice. Most of the English speaking Canadians agreed with Conscription but very few French-English Canadians agreed because of how they were treated during WW1. About 100,000 were conscripted in the Canadian army in WW2.The RCN and RCAF were all-volunteers.

Should Australia have supported conscription during world war 1?

That question is asking an opinion. In MY opinion, Australia did the right thing to not introduce conscription. The war was won anyway. Conscription would have only lead to more deaths.

Who was pro-conscription in World War 1?

Prime Minister Hughes (who had recently left the Labor party, due to his belief in conscription) was all for it, becuase he believed that it was necessary if the sustain of soldiers to the war was to be kept

What did Australians think about the conscription and censorship in World War 2?

Australian's supported and implemented both conscription and censorship during WWII. They believed it was important in order to win the war.

How did America raise troops during World War 2?

Conscription - same as Viet Nam war.

Was conscription used during World War 1 and why?

Yes conscription was used. it was used because there was not enough canadians steping up to go to war Yes conscription was used. it was used because there was not enough canadians steping up to go to war

What were the pros and cons of conscription for Canada in World War 2?

pro of conscription-support the allies with more soldiers. con of conscription-ripped up the relations of English Canadians and the French Canadians. English wanted conscription, the French did not. Pros Volunterring overseas were slowing down by 1944. More people were needed to fullfill the Canadian troop commitment French Canadians denied to participate in the world war