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no, Cork has never been capital of Ireland

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Q: Was cork capital of Ireland before dublin?
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Why is Ireland named the city of cork?

Ireland is not named the city of Cork. Ireland is a country, which has a capital city called Dublin. Cork city is the major city in the Irish county of Cork.

Is Cork bigger than Dublin?

The county of Cork is larger than the county of Dublin, but the city of Dublin is larger than the city of Cork. Cork is the largest county in Ireland and Dublin is the largest city in Ireland.

Dublin and Cork are found in?

Dublin and Cork are the names of cities and counties in Ireland.

What is Irelands capital and key cities?

Ireland's capital i s Dublin. The main cities are: Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Belfast and to a lesser extent Derry.

What are the cities in Ireland?

Hi the capital is Dublin then Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford, Kilkenny also Belfast

Was Cork ever the capital of Ireland?

It is the main city in Munster but the city has never been the capital. I t has never been bigger than Dublin. Historically, economically and socially it has no right to be capital. Dublin's population by far outsizes it. It is a local tradition in Cork to moan about Dublin being capital, but it has no basis

What is the most populated city in Ireland?

Dublin and Cork.

Is Cork the biggest city in Ireland?

No. Dublin is the biggest city in Ireland. Cork is the second biggest in the Republic of Ireland and the third largest on the island of Ireland, following Dublin and Belfast.

How many hours drive from Dublin Ireland to cork Ireland?

About 3 hours. From Dublin to Cork it's 220 kilometers or 137 miles.

The cities of Dublin and Cork can be found in?


Are there citties in Ireland?

Yes, there are cities in Ireland. Dublin is its capital city. Other big cities include Cork, Belfast, Limerick and Galway.

What are two major cities in Ireland?

Two major cities in Ireland are Dublin and Cork.

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