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No she sent a letter saying she wanted to grieve in private.

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Did Diana Ross go to Michael Jackson's funeral?

No, Diana did not got to the memorial or private funeral.

Who where Michael Jackson childhood crush?

Michael's Jacksons childhood crush was Diana Ross

Did Michael jacksons and Diana ross loved each other?

He loved her and wanted to marry her, she probably had a big sister/motherly love for him.

Who was Michael jacksons idol as a young kid?

Diana Ross, Smoky Robinson, James Brown, Charlie Chaplin, Elizabeth Taylor.

Have Michael Jackson and Diana ross been girlfriend and boyfriend?

no Diana Ross and Michael had not been girlfriend and boyfriend they are just good friends

Who sold more records the Diana ross and the supremes or Michael McDonald?

Diana Ross and the Supremes have sold more than Michael McDonald.

Did Diana ross and Michael Jackson have a romantic relationship?

no he and Diana ross were just really good friends

What movie did Diana Ross and Michael Jackson star in?

The Wiz (1978) Michael was the Scarecrow and Diana was Dorothy.

Who was Michael Jackson favourite person?

Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross and Lady Diana

Was Diana ross Michael Jackson wife?

No, she wasn't. Michael loved her though.

Did Michael Jackson meet Diana Ross?

Michael and Diana were very good friends. They first met when Michael was 8 years old.

Are Diana Ross and Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson related?

NO! Diana ross is not related to Michael and Janet Jackson. Janet is Michael's younger sister, but Diana is not a part of the family. she is just a close family friend.

What was it between Diana ross and Michael Jackson?

I think that Diana Ross wasn't in love with Michael but she saw him as a friend and was like a mother to him, she protected him and tried to make him happy, Michael was in love with her and when he felt safe with a woman.

Did Michael Jackson ever date Diana Ross?

no Micheal Jackson dint date Diana ross they were just good pals not lovers

Did Diana Ross help anyone?

Diana Ross was known to help lots of people such as Michael Jackson, she was known to be like a second-mother to Michael and helped him through stressful times.

How did Michael Jackson and Diana Ross become friends?

They became friends when Michael and his brothers lived with Diana for a short time after they were signed to Motown.

Did Diana Ross like Michael Jackson?

Of course. She met him when he was 9.

What happened to Michael Jacksons kids?

Before Michael Jackson's tragic death he gave permission to only his mother, Katherine on keeping all three of his children. If anything happens to Katherine he gives the right to Diana Ross to have the legal right to his three children.

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