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History has been muddled"Early Christianity" was indeed a single unit. The many factions/flavors of Christianity came about as a result of "men" drawing away disciples after themselves... Another form of what occured in the early stages of roman Catholicism, i.e. Acts 20:29-30 -- Paul's warning of what was to come after his departure. FACT: For the first 15-20 years only Jews were the Messianic Community (incorrectly called "The Church"). Gentile conversion came later. The term "church" was NOT a Hebrew/Jewish concept.

Early "Christianity" was not a new religion taught by the Messiah/Jesus. It was the fulfillment of the Torah taught and revered by all Jews. The Torah is the basis of relationship with the Messiah...Yahshua! Yahshua/Jesus was NOT a Christian...he was a Torah observant Jew!

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The epistles of Paul, among the earliest New Testament writings, tell us that there was contention among Christians, with some 'super apostles' teaching contrary to Paul's own teachings. The Book of Hebrews, also very early, offers a clearly different theology to that of Paul. Even the gospels warn of those who teach contrary to what is in the gospels.

The non-canonical Gospel of Thomas is considered by many scholars to have been written around the same time, and based on substantially the same sayings tradition, as the hypothetical 'Q' document, but shows a more Gnostic tendency.

So, from the earliest days, there seem to have been different views as to what Christianity was all about. Early Christianity was not a 'single unit'.

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Q: Was early Christianity a single unit?
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