Was fidel Castro's mother Jewish?

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he is descended from a Turkish Jew on his mother's side.
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Was Hitlers mother Jewish?

Answer . No\n. \n"Hitler was born into a Catholic family, but he specifically rejected Catholicism and he rejected Christianity in general."\n. \n"Klara Hitler was a pious Catholic mother who raised Hitler according to her beliefs."

How did Fidel Castro's revolution affect Cuba?

it affected Cuba in both good and bad ways. The good: educationfree, free medicine. The bad: people gain very little money, Cubansare still very poor and many try to go to America for a chance at abetter life.

Is Rockefeller's mother Jewish?

yes she is -- first, the answer "yes" she is makes no sense. What Rockefeller is the question in reference to? Presuming this is the John D. Rockefeller of the Standard Oil family fame, the answer is no. The family was of Germanic roots and were Baptists. second, the question is just plain silly ( Full Answer )

Who are Fidel Castro's siblings?

Web Answer . Castro has two brothers; Raul and Ramon and four sisters: Juanita, Enma, Agustina and Angelita . He also has two half siblings, Lidia and Pedro Emilio.

What was the reason for Fidel Castro's arrest?

He was arrested and convicted for killing Batista's wounded soldiers at a military hospital. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but Batista granted him amnesty after serving less than two years.

Is Raul Castro's brother Fidel Castro?

Yes... Raul Castro was Fidel's younger brother... They also had another brother, Ramon, and he was the oldest Castro brother.

Was Adolf Hitler's Mother Jewish?

There is not enough information to suggest that Klara Hitler (Hitler's mother) was a Jew, nor is there accurate proof to suggest that any of Hitler's family (and Adolf Hitler himself) is biologically a Jew. But there is proof, However, that as growing-up, Klara Hitler was a devout Roman Catholic. _ ( Full Answer )

Are you Jewish if you mother was Jewish but not your father?

Yes, according to all sects of Jews you are Jewish if your mother was Jewish. However, if only your father was Jewish than then the more conservative sects do not consider you to be a Jew unless you undergo a conversion ceremony.

What is Fidel Castro's political philosophy?

Fidel Castro identified him with great generals such as Alexander the Great, Aníbal, and Napoleon. He also expresses great respect and admiration, in spite of their political views, for the pro-Franco Spanish Jesuits who educated him. Castro's authoritarian paternalism can't conceive the possibil ( Full Answer )

What are Fidel Castro's contributions?

When he took over in Cuba most of the people couldn't write or read. He gave them education sending people to the most rural areas to teach the farmers how to read, free hospital attention and schools, including colleges free of charge for everyone.

Are you Jewish if your mother is Jewish?

Yes. 450 years ago it changes. Before that if a boy was Jewish& married a non-Jew the children were Jewish! Answer: You are Jewish if your mother is Jewish, but not if your mother isnon-Jewish. This is ancient tradition, unlike what the above answermistakenly thinks. This Jewish law is recorded i ( Full Answer )

Who is Fidel Castro's son?

I think It is Fidelito Castro if you don't believe me ill put a link of where it says its in one of the paragraphs where it says his son Fidelito Castro.

What does a Jewish daughter call her mother?

Mommy, Mom, or Mother In some more religious households, Jews will use Hebrew or Yiddishwords with their family, leading to them calling their mothers"Ima" or "Mam".

Is Perez Hiltons mother Jewish?

It would be hard to say, since Cuba is a communist country and bans religion, or at least most ways of it. I would say she might be Catholic, but until she makes her presence known, it is hard to say. Only SHE can answer that.

What was Fidel Castro's position during World War 2?

Fidel Castro was a child violator, who didn't speak proper english but styl kept it g! he always smokin blunts since 13 it was a daily routine for a Cubano on a boat. He had da cok3 from the dope boys nxt neighbour door with colombia who had da dank, republicano reefa for da cheefa. That was Fidels ( Full Answer )

If the mother is not Jewish can the kids be Jewish?

Under Orthodox law, the kids cannot be Jewish unless the mother is Jewish or they get a proper conversion from an Orthodox rabbi. This answer holds also for the Conservative Movement. In 1983 the Reform Movement in the United States passed a resolution stating that a person with one Jewish parent ( Full Answer )

The name of Fidel Castro mother?

Lina Ruz González was Fidel Castro's mother.. She worked for his father, Angel Castro y Argiz, as a maid and cook. They had five children out of marriage, Fidel being one of them.

Is it true that you can only be Jewish if your mother is Jewish?

In Orthodox and Conservative Jewish communities, inheritance of the status of being Jewish passes through the mother only. The child of a Jewish mother and a non-Jewish father would be Jewish but the child of a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother would not be Jewish. However, in more liberal comm ( Full Answer )

Who was Fidel Castro's role model?

Fidel Castro identified him with great generals such as Alexander the Great, Aníbal, and Napoleon. He also expresses great respect and admiration, in spite of their political views, for the pro-Franco Spanish Jesuits who educated him. Castro's authoritarian paternalism can't conceive the possibil ( Full Answer )

What were some of Fidel Castro's interests?

According to the few things given in his spoken autobiography, My Life (written by Ignacio Ramonet), Fidel Castro's personal interests include international history and reading (all genres). He is apparently very intrigued by such historic people as Napoleon Bonaparte, Hannibal, and even George ( Full Answer )

Was Elvis Presley's mother Jewish?

yes, as a matter of fact, his mother's father was a great rabbi ina town in Belarus. Her family moved to New York in the early 1920'swhere he became the king of rock and roll. Answer: According to a third cousin of Presley's, one of his mother's(Gladys's) great-grandmothers was Jewish. There is n ( Full Answer )

Singer vitas mother Jewish?

What I know is that one of his grandfathers - Аркадий Давидович, Arkadi Davidovich - is Jewish. He also was Vitas' first music teacher. I suspect that Vitas' other grandparents are Jewish too. BTW, he was born and raised in the Jewish city of Odessa. ( Full Answer )

Why are Jewish mothers nonstop complainers?

Answer 1 Good question! They're perfectionists and demand the same fromtheir children. Answer 2 The idea of the stereotypical Jewish mother is just that, astereotype. Those Jewish mothers who do complain typically do itbecause they are not satisfied. The general culture among Jews isthat it is p ( Full Answer )

Why is Fidel Castro's brother famous?

Because he is now the president of Cuba. umm the person above me is wrong there is no president in Cuba. Cuba is a dominican (i spelled it wrong) republic i learned it last year it's 5th grade stuff! so yeah umm they don't have a president they have a person like a president, it's called a.... well ( Full Answer )

What if your mother is Jewish and converted to Catholicism?

According to Judaism: Whether she converted before or after you were born, the (Jewish)answer is that you are Jewish. This is to be found in the Code ofJewish Law, Evven HaEzer 4:19, based upon the Talmud, Kiddushin18a.

Was the mother of Jackie Kennedy Jewish?

No, the mother of Jackie Kennedy, Janet Norton Lee Bouvier Auchincloss, alternated between the Episcopalian faith, and the Catholic faith, both sects of Christianity. Her mother's side was Roman Catholic, while her father was Episcopalian. Her first marriage was to a Roman Catholic, John Vernou Bouv ( Full Answer )

Is it my mother or father that makes me Jewish?

According to Orthodox and Conservative law, you are only Jewish if your mother is Jewish. Reform Judaism recognizes you as Jewish if either parent is Jewish AND you were raised Jewish or have a Jewish identity.

Is Charlie Sheen mother Jewish?

Charlie Sheen's mother Janet Templeton is not Jewish. She was born into a Baptist family. Charlie Sheen made up a rumour that she was Jewish because hecalled the creator of Two And Half Men Chuck Lorre, Chaim insteadof Chuck. Which was seen as antisemitic and offensive to someJewish people (for some ( Full Answer )

What do Jewish people call their mothers?

It depends on what language they speak. There is no difference in what Jewish people call their parents and what non-Jewish people call their parents.

How do you say mother in Jewish?

There is no such language as "Jewish". If you meant Hebrew, it's em (אם). Answer: "Yiddish" literally means "Jewish"; so yes, there is a language called Jewish. In Yiddish, "mother" is "mutter" (pronounced "mooter"). .

Is Anthony weiner's mother Jewish?

Yes. Anthony Weiner grew up in a Jewish household, with both aJewish mother and father. Whether or not his particular valuesexemplify Judaism is a different matter.

What were some of fidel Castro's flaws?

Castro probably did some good - when he wasn't putting bullets into the heads of men, women and children but he was He was a mass-murderer. There was no free press and no exposure to human right abuses and a government who ensures that these issues are swept under the carpet.

Did people benefit from Fidel Castro's rule?

No, Communism only benefits the few people in command. It's such a hypocritical government. It says all people are equal, but but the dictator lives in a palace, while the common person lives in filth.

How Jewish am if your dad birth mother was Jewish?

In the Orthodox and Conservative sects you can only be Jewish if your mother is Jewish. Reform Jews accept a child to be Jewish if his/her father is Jewish but many Reform Rabbi's will still convert the child into Judaism in this case. There is no "how Jewish am i?" You are either Jewish or you are ( Full Answer )

Is Kate Middleton's mother Jewish?

There is a lot of speculation as to the religious status of KateMiddleton's mother, Carole. Despite rumors stating that Carole hasJewish roots on her mother's side, there is no concrete evidence tothat fact rather more pointing that there is no Jewish line in theMiddleton family.

What is Fidel Castro's IQ?

well he's said to have a prodigous memory, reciting speeches andquoting long passages from books. Also any political leader whomanages to rule as a dictator, but still hold the love of hispeople, atleast some of them to a certain extent, must have a greatintuitive sense of how to balance his power. ( Full Answer )

What are Fidel Castro's degrees?

His only actual degree was his law degree - Doctor of Law - whichhe received form the University of Havana in September 1950. As a dictator he had many honorary degrees bestowed upon him tocurry favor and some that he laid claim to to bolster hisreputation.