Was french over then 600 years an official language of England?

French seeped into the English language during the Norman Invasion/Norman Conquest of England in 1066. According to Wikipedia, "One of the most obvious changes [from the Norman Conquest] was the introduction of Anglo-Norman, a northern dialect of Old French, as the language of the ruling classes in England, displacing Old English. This predominance was further reinforced and complicated in the mid-twelfth century by an influx of followers of the Angevin dynasty, speaking a more mainstream dialect of French. Not until the fourteenth century would English regain its former primacy, while the use of French at court continued into the fifteenth century."

French was spoken mainly by the ruling classes/royalty and clergy, but not as much by the common people of England. I am not sure if it was ever the actual "official language" of England, but I doubt it because it was mainly the court that spoke French.