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George Lopez and Constance Marie played married characters George Lopez and Angie Lopez on "The George Lopez Show." When they kissed, they really were kissing on the mouth.

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Kissing in cheeks or kissing mouth to mouth?

If a person has oral herpes, it is spread by kissing.

What is oral kissing?

Kissing mouth to mouth. 'Oral' relates to the mouth in any context.

Can you get genital herpes from kissing mouth to mouth?

If the genital herpes is in the mouth, it is possible to be infected from kissing.

What is snogging from Harry Potter?

kissing, pashing, french kissing, mouth-to-mouth,

What is mouth to mouth?

Basically CPR or kissing

How do you do french kissing and press the girls breast?

You use your mouth for the kissing and your hands to press her breasts. Don't try it the other way around, it'll be really wierd.

What does it mean for one to make out?

Making out is a heavy form of kissing. Usually it involves kissing with an open mouth, usually placing one's tongue into the other person's mouth while kissing.

What is tongue kissing?

Tongue kissing (also for some reason called "French kissing" or "Frenching") is kissing another person whose mouth is open with your own open mouth, so you and your partner can feel the insides of each other's mouths with your tongues. For most people, the mouth is an "erogenous zone" -- which means when it is stimulated, you get sexually aroused. Tongue kissing -- exploring your partner's mouth with your tongue -- is one way to do this.

What are the different types of kissing?

Kiss, open mouth kiss, making out, french kissing

Does mouth kissing can be source of hiv?

no unless you kiss someone with cuts in there mouth

The probability of pregnancy by mouth kissing?

Zero! There is no connection between the mouth and the uterus.

What is Mouth to Mouth called?

Resuscitation in a life-or-death situation. Or kissing in a recreational situation.

If you have genital wart in your mouth can you spread it through kissing?

It depends on where it is in your mouth. If it is closer, unless he or she has their mouth INSIDE yours, no

What is open mouth kissing?

its when you use tongue :P

How was French kissing invented?

By me Falling in my boyfriends mouth

Can you get herpes through kissing mouth to mouth?

You can pass the herpes virus by kissing. This is the same virus that causes both cold sores and genital herpes. But if you are infected in or near the mouth, that doesn't mean it will spread to your genitals.

Can you get genital warts if Ive never had any sexual contact except kissing?

No, another persons mouth or genitals must touch yours to get genital warts. Genital warts usually come from herpes or HPV. you can get herpes in the mouth from kissing though, especially if the person you are kissing has herpes in the mouth.

Can you get HPV from kissing?

Mouth to mouth kissing will not spread genital HPV, unless of course the mouth has already been in contact with an infected genital area! Any direct skin contact with the genital area can spread the virus.

Is french kissing bad for your teeth?

It shouldn't be bad for anything ! Kissing with inserting the tongue into the other persons mouth may pick-up bugs and germs from their saliva though so always clean your mouth and teeth after french kissing.

What is the difference between kissing and making out?

Well... Kissing involves your mouth and making out involves the rest of your body. XD

Is ti safe to kissing mouth?

see who are you kissing if is dog then make sure the dog doesn't eat rubbish.

Can you pass on genital herpes from kissing mouth to mouth?

Genital herpes usually does not infect the mouth area; likewise oral herpes usually doesn't infect the genital area. If you have genital herpes in the genital area, you will not pass it on by kissing.

Functions of mouth?

Eating, Speaking, Swallowing, Drinking, Kissing,

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