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Was hitlers mother a Jew?

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No, she was a Roman Catholic.

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Was hitlers mom killed by a jew?


Was Hitlers' nan a Jew?


Was hitlers mom a Jew?

No, she was Roman Catholic.

Was hitlers grandma a Jew?

Grandfather too. But yes she was.

What was Hitlers vision?

A Jew free Germania consisting of most of Europe and the Ukraine.

What was Adolf Hitlers job?

he professions were a artist, German leader and Jew killer

What did hitlers mother die of?

the stress

Was adoplh hitlers mother Jewish?

No his mother was a German. NOT JEWISH.

Did a Jew work on Hitler's mother?

her doctor was a Jew and she died and Hitler blamed the Jew

What was Hitlers mother name?

klara Hitler

Adolf Hitlers mother was what German?

She was Austrian.

What was hitlers mother and father nationality?


Was Hitlers mother a Gypsie?

short answer is yes she was.

What did hitlers mother do for a living?

She was a house wife.

What was adolf hitlers family background like?

Hitlers family background was dull and scary he was beat from his father. Hitlers father even beat his mother

Who is Hitler mom?

Research cannot find Hitlers biological mother, though we know he had a step mother called Klara. Hitlers fathers 3rd wife.

Can a Jew born of a Jewish mother also be a Christian?

-- A person is not a Jew unless born of a Jewish mother. -- There is no "also".

What was Anne franks school called?

Montessori school for Jews because of hitlers anti-Jew laws

Why did hitlers mother cut his ball off?

She didn't do that.

When did adolf hitlers parents die?

Hitlers Dad died of internal bleeding in 1903 and his mother died of cancer in 1907

Was Hitler's mother abused by a Jew?


Evidence in new testament that Jesus was a Jew?

His mother was a Jew according to the Christian New Testatment. (Jewishness is inherited through the mother)

What was the name of adolf Hitlers mother?

Her name was Klara Hitler.

Who is adolf Hitlers mother and father?

Alois and Klara Hitler

What do you get when you cross a Black person and a Jew?

If the Jew is a woman, you get a black Jew. If the mother isn't Jewish, then the child isn't either.