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At first, Ice Hockey was a men's game but women started playing and got very, very good at it. So good that, starting in 1998, women's hockey became an event in the Winter Olympics.

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Who are the current ice hockey world champions?

Sweden won the last gold medal in 2006. The 2010 Winter Olympics mens ice hockey gold medal game has yet to played.

What ice hockey game had the most viewers?

mens gold 2010 winter Olympics

Most golds for mens hockey in Olympics?

who has won the most gold in mens Olympic hockey

Who is Kevin peel?

keven peel is a very good hockey player that played for yales mens hockey team and graduated in 2012

Is US a team for mens ice hockey?

Yes the Us does have a team for mens Ice hockey. In the Olympics and the international ice hockey Championships.

How much was a ticketto the gold medal mens hockey game in Vancouver?

anywere from $1000 to $10,000

Who is the captain of the Indian mens hockey team?

V. R. Raghunath is the captain of the Indian mens hockey team.

How is mens hockey different from womens hockey?

Men are good

Why are there separate events for men and women in the Olympics?

the reason that there are different events for men and women is because men sports its much more brutal. for instance in hockey they split men and women because in mens hockey you can body check( nocking the other person down).

When is mens hockeys first game?

men's hockey starts Tuesday then women's then men's. it keeps going in a pattern like that hope you watch the men's hockey games

What do the symbols on the back of a hockey card mean?

gp mens gamsplayed. g mens gols and a mens asitts

What is the difference between the ladies game of golf and mens game of golf?

ther is no difference except for women who get more hits and the target is closer and easier to get.While mens are opposite

Who were the 2006 mens hockey champs?


When Did mens ice hockey start?


Olympic ice hockey Mens gold metal game start in cst?

2:00 pm (1400) cst.

2010 gold medallist for men's hockey?

Canada won the mens hockey olympics.

What is the worst loss in mens international hockey?

Losing all 5 matches of their pool in olympics i-e india's mens hockey team in london 2012. This team should be discarded from hockey. They deserve it!

What are the differences in womens and mens basketball?

Men's basketball is played by Men. Women's basketball is played by Women. You asked.

Mens ice hockey gold medal?


Who won the bronze in Olympic mens hockey?


Who won mens hockey at the 2006 Olympics?


Where can you meet a good man?

Find your local hockey arena and see if they have a mens league. There will most likely be a bar inside the rink where they all go after the game. Yours odds for attention skyrocket due to the men to women ratio:)

Who is the captain for hockey team in India?

The capital of indian hockey team is Bharat Chettri (mens).

What year did men's hockey become an olympic sport?

Mens hockey became an olympic sport in 1920

Who are the 2010 gold medalists in mens and womens hockey?


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